The Van Zandt County Sheriff’s Office, in conjunction with the Texas State Attorney General’s Office, conducted a warrant round-up yesterday for persons with outstanding warrants for failing to make child support payments.

Assisting in the arrests were Van Zandt County Sheriff Pat Burnett, County Deputies, Investigators and the Command Staff from the Sheriff’s Office, Constable Henson of Pct #1, Constable Tisdale of Pct. #3, Wills Point Police and Investigator Atwood from the Attorney General’s Office.

According to the Van Zandt County Sheriff’s Department, arrest teams spanned across the county early yesterday morning and served eleven arrest warrants. Six other warrants were served prior to the round-up, totaling seventeen arrests.

The following persons were arrested: Daniel Ellison, Tommy Golightly, Roger Harman, Timothy Henson, Steven Hilton, James Hutcherson, Steven Jackson, William Jones, Randy Mislevits, Michael Peden, Randy Posey, Michael Pruett, Tammy Rosemand, Nicholas St. Clair, James Stephens, Randy Weaver and Roy White.

The Sheriff’s Department says five other persons are still at large and were not located.

The total delinquent child support payments from these persons total over $810,000.