Actress Daryl Hannah and Winnsboro landowner Eleanor Fairchild are out of jail on bond after being arrested Thursday while protesting the Keystone XL pipeline in Winnsboro.

According to Wood County LT. Jerry Blaylock, Hannah was charged with Criminal Trespass and Resisting Arrest. Hannah's bond amount totaled $4,500. Fairchild, 78, was charged with Criminal Trespass and Obstructing Passageway. Total bond for Fairchild was $3,000.

The women stood in front of construction equipment with their arms raised to signal the workers to stop their construction. When authorities asked them women to leave they refused. Transcanada private security detained the women and contacted the Wood County Sheriff's Department.

"I have never been treated so harshly by security of a foreign company," said Hannah. They began to touch Eleanor and I said do not touch her and we were both handcuffed."

The protest and arrest were documentedby a film crew that traveled to East Texas with Hannah. The actress said their intent was to create a national buz about the pipeline, however, she said Thursday's actions were spontaneous.

"We didn't know when we would act," said Hannah. "But we woke up to the smell of smoke and to the smashing and crashing of trees and we said let's go, let's pull a Tienemen Square and stand in front of them until they stop."

Fairchild and Hannah were taken into custody after 4 p.m. and transported to the Wood County Jail. Fairchild was released from jail around 9 p.m. and Hannah just before midnight. Hannah's publicist and a camera crew arrived at the Wood County jail to pick her up and document the days events.

"We planned to be arrested," said Fairchild. "To send a message through the media to stop Tarsands."

Hannah was arrested last year outside of the White House while protesting the Keystone XL Pipeline.

A group of protesters, self-titled Tarsands Blockade, have set up camp in Winnsboro protesting the pipeline.