Courtesy of Smith County

Finding your Election Day polling site is easier than ever with a new interactive Election Poling Place map from Smith County. Voters can type in their home address or simply click their location on a map to reveal their voting precinct information and directions to their designated poling site. Just go to and browse to Departments / Elections / Polling Location Map from the County’s public web site. Enter your registered home address and click search. The map will take you from your home address to your polling place and provide information such as hours of operations, phone numbers, and driving directions. The map is also enabled for mobile devices.

Voters can use their smart phones to browse this same address or simply scan the qr-code attached to be taken directly to the Election Polling Place map.

“Anyone with access to the internet can point to their address on the map and instantly pull up all the information they need for Election Day,” Elections Administrator Karen Nelson said. “Using the latest technology, every registered voter can get the information they need sent straight to their smartphone, tablet or home computer.”