The November Sales Tax Allocation Report for Wood County has been released.
According to Wood County Industrial Commission, Executive Director, Chana Gail Willis, the Wood County monthly state sales tax revenue report reflects September 2012 retail sales for Wood County. Willis says September sales were $412,724, up about 7.8% over the same period last year.  For State Comptroller payments allocations to Wood County and Wood County cities, allocations were $4.48 million year to date, up 10.3 % compared to year-to-date allocations for the
same period in 2011.  
"This is a good and solid report, reflecting nice retails sales continuing in most of the county," said Willis. "Wood County, overall, experienced a 7.8% growth over the same period last year, reflecting the ninth consecutive month of good gains for the county overall. These figures can best be attributed to good activity in Mineola, Quitman and Winnsboro.  The communities closer to the county lakes see a seasonal lull this time of year before the fishing and tourism season gears up again.  This is usually offset by holiday sales that should be reflected in good numbers next month.”  
The state’s sales tax allocations year to date was $661.5M, about 5.4% percent higher than the previous fiscal year. 
"Other economic indicators released this week show we are continuing good recovery in many sectors, especially in Texas robust economy," said Willis. "Statewide, non-farm employment continues to rise, with employment rates holding steady or increased in some sectors.  Demand for truck drivers, staffing firms, and retailers hiring for the holiday season continues."