Released by the Office of State Rep. Dan Flynn

AUSTIN- Governor Rick Perry, in his address to the Joint Session of the Texas Legislature, gave his yearly State of the State address Tuesday afternoon. In his speech, the Governor highlighted the successes of Texas and the tough issues this
Legislative body will have to face as the 83rd session gears up. He went into the important issues of public education, expansion of health care, need for tax relief, water challenges, and he recognized Texas A&M University-Commerce, and TAMUC President, Dr. Dan Jones, as one of the Universities that enacted and
supported his $10,000 four year degree program. 
"I have been supportive of Governor Perry's Budget Compact," said Representative Flynn (Van-R) in support of the Governor's comments proposing a constitutional amendment that would limit state spending increases to only enough to cover the cost of population growth and inflation. The Governor also proposed an amendment that would allow the state to return tax money it collects but does not use to its citizens. Governor Perry reaffirms his Budget Compact proposals by often stating, "I have always been of the belief that just because we have the money, does not mean we need to spend it."
After the address, Representative Flynn reiterated his support of the Governor, "I deeply appreciate the Governor's attention to these important issues especially his commitment to creating a long term water plan to preserve and retain what limited water Texas has access to."