Courtesy of Mineola ISD

Our Texting and Driving Awareness Week was sponsored by Mineola High School and Communities in Schools site coordinators, Alex Epps and Samantha Harvey.
After signing the “Text Free Driving Pledge” students and teachers received a “TXTNG KILLS” thumb band and signed the “NO TEXTING PLEDGE” bulletin board as a public display to eliminate distracted driving.  Mineola High School had over 300 students and teachers make the commitment.
The assembly featured Mineola Police Department’s Captain Jack Newman and Mineola High School’s Principal, Mr. Ricky Stephens, as well as AT&T’s video, “It Can Wait.”  

Principal, Ricky Stephens spoke of the importance of this campaign during the closing assembly.  “For years, we have focused on drinking and driving, which only hits a small amount of our student body, but this problem effects nearly 100% of our students.”  

Important people in attendance included Superintendent, Dr. John Fuller, Assistant Superintendent, Venita Watts, School Board Vice President, Dr. John Abbott and School Board Members, Rodney Watkins, Dr. Kyle Gully, Holly Mischnick, and Jill Quiambao.