Sheriff’s Report

1/31/13 through 2/6/13


January 31

Deputy Bradley Armendariz was dispatched to a location on CR 2943 in reference to criminal mischief. The complainant informed the deputy that she had arrived at home to find her mailbox on the ground. Further investigation showed that the mailbox, which was mounted on a metal brace and cemented into the ground, had been run over. The complainant further stated that she had attempted to stand the mailbox back up but the damage was too severe. Pictures were taken at the scene and passed on to investigators.


Deputy Dustin Moffett was dispatched to a location on CR 2263 in the Lake Holbrook area in reference to a dog bite. The complainant advised that he had been bitten several times by a neighbor’s dog when he attempted to check his mailbox. Deputy Moffett photographed the injuries and this case was closed at the complainant’s request.


Deputy William Burge took a call from a woman who reported that she had received a call from someone claiming to be her grandson who stated that he was in trouble in Mexico City and needed her to send him money via Western Union. The woman did as she was asked and later received a phone call from her grandson who advised that he was not in Mexico City. The woman has reported the incident to Western Union as well as the Attorney General’s office. This case has been forwarded to CID (criminal investigation division).


February 1

Deputy Donivan South was dispatched to a residence on FM 2869 in the Hawkins area in reference to a burglary of a habitation. The complainant advised that she had left her home early in the day and when she returned in the afternoon she found that the front door had been kicked open. In checking the home, the woman found that money and jewelry items were missing. Deputy South collected evidence at the scene and it has been forwarded to CID for continued investigation.


Deputy Stephen Cates responded to a call from CR 2200 in the Mineola area in reference to criminal mischief. When he arrived on scene, Deputy Cates was advised by the complainant that someone had thrown eggs at his truck and he had already washed off the egg residue. The deputy was able to see signs of egg shells on the ground in the area where the truck was parked. The complainant did not wish to pursue charges in the case as he could see no lasting damage from the eggs.  As he was clearing the call, the deputy was informed by dispatch that a witness had called to say he had followed the suspected egg throwers to a residence on US Hwy 69 in the Alba area. Deputy Cates made contact with three males, all of whom were juveniles, at the residence and all admitted throwing eggs at possibly 6 or 7 vehicles and stated that three additional males were also involved. As the victim in the case did not wish to pursue charges, Deputy Cates made the boys’ parents aware of the situation and left punishment to the discretion of the parents.


Deputy Aaron Warren took a theft report from a rural location on CR 2388. The complainant advised that he had arrived at his property to find several trees which he had cut down previously were missing from the property as well as other trees not cut down previously. The man further explained that his neighbor had spotted a crew of men on the property with a log splitter and trucks but did not think anything of it as the land is leased to a third individual who runs cattle on the property. Approximately four cords of wood were removed from the property. A description of the men as well as the vehicles was provided to the deputy and will be passed on to investigators.


February 2

Deputy Heath Richardson was dispatched to a residence on FM 2869 in response to a theft. Upon his arrival, a woman informed him that she was missing three George Foreman grills from a storage building on her property. She further stated that she felt a young man who had been doing some cleaning around the property may be responsible for the missing items. Deputy Richardson was able to speak with the man who admitted to cleaning around the property but denied any knowledge of the missing grills. A case has been opened and investigators will work the case from this point forward.


Deputy Donivan South responded to a call on CR 4660 in the Winnsboro area in reference to a burglary of a habitation. The deputy met with the homeowner’s daughter who advised that she had arrived home to notice the back gate was open and items that had been inside the home were lying broken on the ground. The woman further advised that as she attempted to unlock the door, she realized it was already unlocked and in looking around she could see where unknown subjects had made entry into the residence. A search of the residence showed only a few items to be missing and at the woman’s request an investigator was not assigned to this case.


Deputy South was dispatched to a residence on CR 4554 in the Winnsboro area where he met with a complainant who advised that she had arrived at her vacation home and had difficulty unlocking her sliding glass door. She also stated that it appeared someone had unsuccessfully attempted to pry open the door. The deputy took photographs of apparent scratch marks and visited with neighbors to determine if anyone had witnessed unusual activity at the home over the past few weeks. Extra patrol has been requested for the area.


Deputy Kevin Atkinson was dispatched to a rural restaurant in response to a report of criminal mischief. The complainant advised that someone had cut the valve stems and damaged the front and rear tires on her pickup while it was parked at the restaurant. The woman further advised that she had also been receiving suspicious text messages from a number unfamiliar to her. Deputy Atkinson took photographs of the damage as well as the texts and this case has been passed to CID for continued investigation.


February 3

Lt. Robert Holland was dispatched to a location on FM 778 in reference to a theft. Upon his arrival, he was informed by the complainant that sometime during the past two days, someone had stolen a riding lawn mover from that location while other valuables in the same location were not taken. The complainant also advised that the mower does not actually belong to him and a check with the mower’s owner revealed that he was not responsible for it missing. The owner of the mower will attempt to locate a serial number so that it can be entered as stolen.


Lt. Holland took a report from a man in reference to his truck being stolen. The man advised that he had been traveling on FM 2869 when his vehicle had a flat. He pulled the truck safely off the roadway, locked it up and walked to his home. When he returned the next morning, his truck was gone. The man had already checked with local wrecker services to make sure the truck was not towed and checked with his friends to make sure no one had picked it up. Provided the truck is not found, it will be entered as stolen.


Lt. Holland answered a call at a rural restaurant in response to a theft. The complainant advised that he believes one of his employees had taken additional money from the cash register while making change for a customer and further stated that he had evidence which he believed supported his belief. The evidence was turned over to Lt. Holland and charges against the employee will be pursued.


February 4

Deputy Josh O’Grady responded to a residence on CR 2436 in the Mineola area in reference to criminal mischief. The complainant advised that her three vehicles had been “keyed” and a checkbook was missing from one of the vehicles. The complainant gave information about two possible suspects. The deputy took photographs of the damaged vehicles and dusted for latent fingerprints in the vehicle which was entered. All collected evidence was forwarded to CID so that the investigation can continue.


February 5

Deputy Austin Cryer was dispatched to Jarvis Christian College in reference to a terroristic threat. The complainant advised that she had been threatened with bodily harm by another female. She also stated that she and the suspect female had been having an ongoing feud that began during the fall semester and is the result of a dispute over a male. The complainant did not wish to pursue charges at this time.


February 6

Deputy Sam Threadgill initiated a traffic stop on US 80 west of Mineola after he observed a one-seated moped carrying two riders, neither of whom was wearing a helmet. A check of the two showed one of the subjects to have two open warrants out of Van Zandt County. The subject also proved to be in possession of a small amount of marijuana. Brandon Bevill, 26, of Canton was arrested on the outstanding warrants and transported to the Wood County Jail. He was also charged with possession of marijuana, less than two ounces.


Deputy David Hitt was dispatched to a residence on CR 1879 in the Lake Fork area in reference to a theft. The complainant advised that sometime in the past three days, someone had stolen a Smith and Wesson .40 caliber pistol from his pickup truck. Photographs were taken of damage to the pickup and the case has been forwarded to CID for investigation.


CID Summary

CID investigators had a very busy and productive week. Investigator Carolyn Tanner was able to recover all the stolen property from a ranch burglary and warrants are currently pending on all the suspects.  Tanner’s caseload currently stands at 61 open cases with 17 of those cases a result of this week’s criminal activity.  She was also able to clear 13 additional cases and is awaiting confirmation of information that will result in the issuance of two additional arrest warrants.

Investigator Brian Andrews was able to get three warrants issued on two different 2012 cases and is in the process of obtaining a warrant on a more recent case which occurred in the Holly Lake Ranch area.

Investigator Kyle Henson was able to clear one case with the arrest of Jeramie Keith Foster, 35, of Winnsboro for Assault (Family Violence) with Bodily Injury (with prior convictions). A warrant has also been issued in another case but as of now the suspect remains at large.

Investigator Jacob Richardson, with assistance from other investigators, was able to identify the suspect in a burglary of a habitation and have an arrest warrant issued for the subject. That same subject is a suspect in another burglary and information developed during interviews in connection with both cases lead to a search warrant being issued for a residence where the suspect has been living. On February 2, Wood County deputies along with officers from the Mineola Police Department and Texas Highway Patrol, served the search warrant on the residence in Mineola and recovered what is believed to be property stolen in one of the burglaries as well as marijuana and methamphetamine. Joseph Braden, 45, of Mineola was arrested on site for possession of a controlled substance, penalty group one, less than one gram. Warrants for a second subject have been issued in connection with this case. Additionally, information developed from the search warrant led to a search warrant being issued for a second location. Once executed, that search warrant led to the recovery of a large amount of stolen property. As a result of this investigation and the combined efforts of several agencies, two burglaries of a habitation were closed and the stolen property recovered.

Investigator Richardson was also able to have warrants issued in connection with 4 counts of credit card abuse reported by a business in the Mineola area.

Call Summary

Accident Minor                                                1

Agency Assist                                                   5

Alarm                                                               5

Animal General                                     3

Assault                                                 1

ATV on Roadway                                              1

Burglary of a Building                                    1

Burglary of a Habitation                                 4

Child Abuse                                                     2

Child Custody                                                  4

Civil                                                                 15

Cows Out                                                        9

Criminal Mischief                                               10

Criminal Trespass                                               7

Cruelty of Animals                                                3

Dispute                                                 6

Dog Problem                                                    6

Dumping                                                           1

Evading Arrest                                     1

Fraud                                                               4

Harassment                                                      3

Horses Out                                                       3

Information                                                       6

Inquest                                                             1

Mental                                                              3

Missing Person                                     1

Pedestrian in Roadway                                  1

Phone Harassment                                          4

Possession of a Controlled Substance                     2

Possession of Drug Paraphernalia                1

Possession of Marijuana                                 1

Prowler                                                            2

Reckless Driver                                                1

Request to Speak with Officer              1

Scam                                                                2

Search Warrant                                                1

Sexual Assault of a Child                                 2

Shots Fired                                                       1

Suspicious Activity                                     12

Suspicious Person                                      2

Suspicious Vehicle                                     5

Terroristic Threat                                      4

Theft                                                                9

Traffic Stop                                                      6

Unauthorized Use of Motor Vehicle             1

Warrants                                                          13

Welfare Check                                     7


Total Calls            186

Call Summary by Area

Alba                          18

Hawkins                    30

Mineola                     48

Quitman                    34

Winnsboro               35

Yantis                        17


Current Jail Population            83

Males               70

Females           13

Bookings            29

Releases            32