Released by the Wood County Industrial Commission

(Wood County, Texas) –   The Wood County Industrial Commission (WCIC) is asking for Hotel/Motel Occupancy Tax (“H/OT”) Fund Project Proposals to consider for funding allocation for the 2013-2014 fiscal year.   


Qualified projects will be competing for a share of the H/OT funds to be allocated as recommended by the WCIC and approved by the Wood County Commissioners Court process.   “Successful proposals will clearly show how they plan to attract overnight visitors to Wood County, Texas,” said Chana Gail Willis, WCIC Executive Director.  “For projects that have been around for a while, survey data will be necessary in determining the merits of the project for funding allocation,” she added, concluding, “New projects should include a good brief marketing plan and/or a schedule of activities or events for bringing overnight visitors to Wood County.  This assists us in determining the economic value of results generated and required local and state reporting of the distribution of Wood County H/OT funds.”  


Projects must meet the following scoring criteria:  (1) directly enhance and promote tourism and the hotel/motel industry in Wood County, Texas; (2) fit into one of the six statutorily provided categories for expenditure of local hotel occupancy tax revenues under the State of Texas Tax Code Chapter 352 and other tax codes as applicable; (3) demonstrate need; and, (4) have the potential to attract a maximum number of tourists to Wood County.  The expenditure guidelines primer is available on the WCIC website ( or by request; it  provides examples of the types of projects that may be funded. Projects that benefit just one area of Wood County may be given lesser priority; projects that generate more overnight visitors in Wood County may be given greater priority.  



DEADLINE:  The deadline for submitting applications is May 15, 2013.  Organizations interested in submitting a request for funding consideration should contact the WCIC office no later than that date if they intend to present a request for the coming fiscal year.  Applications and all accompany requirements and explanatory documents are online or by contacting the WCIC office.

APPLICATION REVIEW PROCESS.  Funding requests will be presented to the WCIC Promotions Committee on a date to be announced in May or June 2013.  The meeting is scheduled to be held at the Wood County Airport Terminal Building on County Road 2355, Mineola, Texas.  Applicants, by written notice from the WCIC, may be allowed time to briefly outline their proposal when they present their request and to answer any questions regarding their project. The WCIC Promotions Committee will review funding requests and forward recommendations for consideration and budget approval to the WCIC Board of Directors in the regularly scheduled monthly meeting in June 2013.  The Wood County Commissioner’s Court is the ultimate deciding body on the WCIC proposed budget; the County’s budget workshops are generally held in July with budgets generally finalized in September. The WCIC budget package includes two components:  the Hotel/Occupancy Tax Fund and a General Fund.  The WCIC is an advisory commission serving as the official H/OT fund program administrator by direction of the Wood County Commissioners for the Wood County Hotel Occupancy Tax.  Applicants will be notified of results by mail at the start of fiscal 2014, after October 1, 2013.  Applicants accepted into the program must submit an invoice, receipts, use specified marketing materials and return requested documents as outlined in the acceptance notification letter.  Scheduled payment distributions are made in the fiscal year October 1, 2013 – September 30, 2014 from the Wood County Auditor’s office after WCIC periodic review.

For additional information, or to obtain copies of the revised the Wood County Hotel/Motel Occupancy Tax Funding Request Application form, along with processing documents (“Guidelines for Expenditures”, and a sample after-action survey form), contact point of contact for this press release, and program administrator C.G. Willis, Executive Director, Wood County Industrial Commission office at 903-768-2402 or by Email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..