Released by State Rep. Dan Flynn

AUSTIN - Today, the newly formed Texas House Select Committee on Transparency in State Agency Operations held its first hearing.  The Committee is one of three select committees in the Texas House this session.


Co-Chairs, Dan Flynn (R-Van) and Carol Alvarado (D-Houston), presided over the hearing, and witnesses included Texas State Auditor John Keel.


" The Transparency Committee is proud to get to work for Texans.  As Texans' advocates for more open government, we are ready to shine a bright light onto Texas government," stated Chairman Flynn.

The hearing focused mostly on the statutory role, responsibility, and authority of the State Auditor, and the current efforts he is advancing to improve Texas transparency.  The hearing also brought to light a recent State Auditor's report on executive compensation at state of Texas agencies.


"I am pleased to say that we had a successful first hearing," reflected Chairman Flynn after the Committee adjourned. "We were able to develop a clear idea of several key areas where we need to improve transparency in our state operations. This is the first of many hearings we hope to have this session. I am looking forward to working with Chairwoman Alvarado and the committee as we work to make Texas the most transparent state in our nation.," concluded Chairman Flynn.





The House Transparency Committee is Texans' advocates for more open government.  Co-Chaired by State Representatives Dan Flynn and Carol Alvarado, the Committee on Transparency is Texas' Transparency Watch Guards.  The Committee exists to shine a bright light onto Texas state government.


When forming the Committee, Texas House Speaker Joe Straus charged the Committee with overseeing "transparency in the reporting of financial transactions of judicial and executive state agencies and affiliated entities. This oversight shall include monitoring the operations of executive and judicial state agencies as well as affiliated agencies, entities, foundations, and related support groups.  Further, the committee shall minor the hiring and compensation practices of judicial and executive state agencies, including any affiliated entities, whether public or private.  It shall also oversee the purchasing decisions made by judicial and executive state agencies and affiliated entities."


The Committee is the only House Committee with jurisdiction to look at legislative, judicial and executive state entities.

When evaluating the transparency of Texas, the Committee asks 3 important questions:

  • Is the information open (complete and timely) to the citizens?
  • Is the information understandable (in a common-sense language & technologically compatible)?
  • Does it encourage accountability?