Wood County Sheriff’s Office

Sheriff’s Report

06/06/13 through 6/12/13


June 6

Deputy Dustin Moffett and Lt. Robert Holland were dispatched to an address on FM 14 for an assault. Moffett spoke with the victim who stated that she had been assaulted by her ex-husband who had grabbed her and put her in a choke-hold following a verbal altercation. The woman was eventually allowed to escape from the man and make her way to a neighbor’s house to call for help. George Logan Jacobs, 56, of Seagoville was arrested for the offense of assault of family/household member, impedes breathing.


Deputy Austin Cryer was dispatched to an address on CR 3980 for a dispute. The complainant stated that her sister had been trying to steal her prescription medications and the sister had assaulted her when she tried to verbally stop her. The complainant showed signs of an assault but stated she did not wish to pursue charges. Case closed.


Lt. Robert Holland was dispatched to an address on CR 2460 for a theft. The complainant stated that he and his wife had observed a small pickup parked in the yard of the abandoned house across the street and they believed that the driver of the pickup was possibly stealing items from the house due to the pickup being seen previously leaving the abandoned property with items in the bed of the pickup. Holland recorded information regarding the description and possible license plate number of the pickup and information about the owners of the abandoned property.


Deputy William Burge took a report of copper theft from an employee of Wood County Electric who stated that three power poles had been cut down and 1,500 feet of copper line was stolen.  Photographs were taken at the scene and the case was forwarded to an investigator. A warrant was issued for a suspect and the case was closed.


June 7

Deputy Brad Cates took a report of burglary of a habitation from an address on CR 3955. The complainant stated that he had arrived home from work to find items missing from the residence including a TV, sound system, knives, swimming pool and trampoline. A point of entry was not apparent but was suspected to be a door that does not properly lock. Information was recorded at the scene regarding a possible suspect’s location. The case has been forwarded to an investigator. The suspect was located and the case was closed as civil. A citation was issued for Criminal Trespass.


Deputy Heath Richardson took a report from a woman who stated she wished to pursue charges against her husband who had just assaulted her. The woman advised that her husband’s phone received a text message while he was sleeping and she checked the message and was concerned by its content. The woman further stated that she tried to talk to the man about the message and he became upset with her, grabbed her shoulders and began to shake her causing injury to her neck. The woman had already sought medical treatment for her injuries. Deputy David Hitt and Sgt. Tim Baucom responded to the residence where the assault occurred but the man had left the scene. The case has been forwarded to investigators for determination of charges.


Deputy Aaron Warren took a report of a dog bite from an address on CR 2167. The 5 year old victim’s wound, which was not severe, was being treated by family members when the deputy arrived. Warren made contact with the ETMC emergency room and a registered nurse spoke with the family about care of the wound.  Warren was unable to locate the suspect dog which was described as a medium sized brown dog with a white spot. Witnesses advised that the dog had been walking down the county road with several people when it ran up and bit the child who was riding his bicycle. The family was advised to contact the Sheriff’s Office if the dog was located.


Deputy Aaron Warren took a report from a woman who stated that a cell phone and $25 cash had been taken from the console of her car while she was parked at the beach area at Lake Holbrook.  The woman also stated that her car was never more than 50-60 feet from her and while the windows were rolled up, the doors were not locked. Leads are being worked by CID.


Deputy David Hitt was dispatched to a location in the Lake Fork area for a reported car fire and arrived to find a 1996 Nissan badly burned. The car’s owner stated that he and his dad had just returned from eating and had begun to work on the house when his dad noticed smoke coming from the car. According to the fire department, the fire started in the engine compartment in the area of the battery and fuse box. There did not appear to be signs of foul play.


June 8


Deputy David Hitt was dispatched to a residence on CR 4530 to speak with a complainant in reference to a burglary of a habitation. The complainant advised that someone had stolen the window air conditioning unit out of the travel trailer that he uses as a weekend home. The man also stated that after removing the unit, the suspect(s) went inside the trailer and although there were signs that everything had been gone through, nothing else was missing. This case has been assigned to an investigator for follow up.


Deputy Heath Richardson was dispatched to an address on CR 2436 for a burglary of a motor vehicle. The complainant stated that she had left her car unlocked while she was at the residence visiting family and returned from a walk around the block with her cousin to find her cell phone and debit card were missing from her car. The woman also advised that other items of value in the car, such as a laptop computer, were not taken. The case has been assigned to an investigator.


Deputy Aaron Warren took a report from a woman who stated that a man she knew had used her account to make eBay purchases. The woman further stated that the man had worked on her computer in the past and was given access to her account information for the purpose of ordering ink for her computer. The woman had already spoken with the man who promised to repay her in full; however, he had not yet done so. This case was cleared by exception.


June 9

Deputy Brad Cates was dispatched to Holly Lake Ranch for an assault after a woman showed up at the guard shack claiming she had been strangled. Holly Lake Ranch security escorted the woman back to the residence where the assault occurred in order for her to check on the welfare of her child which had been left sleeping at the home when the woman fled. Cates made contact with the woman who stated that she and her boyfriend had gotten into a verbal altercation that escalated and she had been knocked down. The woman also stated that her boyfriend grabbed her around the neck with both hands and strangled her until she lost consciousness and when she came to and attempted to call 911, she found that the batteries had been removed from the phone. Steven Eric Wade, 31, of Hawkins was arrested for the offense of assault, family violence, impedes breathing and interference with an emergency call and transported to jail. Case closed.


Deputy Heath Richardson was dispatched to an address in Yantis for a burglary of a habitation. The complainant stated that he was missing three firearms from inside the residence. The man further stated that two of the guns had been on the island in the kitchen and the third on his bed when he left the residence. While speaking with the deputy, the complainant noticed that an iPad was also missing. Information regarding a possible suspect was recorded and will be forwarded to investigators with the case.


Deputy Heath Richardson was dispatched to a location on CR 2267 for a burglary of a habitation. The complainant stated that a .357 magnum revolver was missing from the night stand in her bedroom. The complainant provided information regarding a suspect and the case was assigned to an investigator.


Deputy David Hitt took a report of burglary of a motor vehicle from a complainant on CR 1492 who stated that sometime during the overnight hours, someone had broken into her vehicle and stolen several items including work IDs, keys and towels. The case was forwarded to an investigator.  A suspect was arrested and the woman’s IDs were returned. Warrants have been issued and the case is now closed.


Deputy Kevin Atkinson responded to a 911 call from a woman who stated that she had observed a man and woman breaking into her car at the beach area at Lake Quitman and stealing several items before leaving the area in a silver SUV at a high rate of speed. While en route, Atkinson was advised by a DPS trooper that he was speaking with two witnesses who observed the SUV leave the area and travel down a county road. Atkinson and the trooper located the suspect vehicle at a residence and made contact with both occupants. A fire was observed burning in a barrel nearby that contained items matching the description of those stolen from the complainant’s car. Atkinson took action to avoid the evidence being destroyed and kicked over the barrel. Inside he discovered a purse, jacket and documents bearing the complainant’s name as well as documents bearing the name of a woman who had earlier reported items stolen from her car. The suspects’ vehicle also contained items matching the description of those taken from the complainant’s car. Sgts. Carolyn Tanner and Kyle Henson arrived on the scene and obtained permission from the owner of the residence to search inside. Located in the bedroom the suspects’ had been occupying, the investigators found numerous notebooks containing multiple individuals’ identifying information along with identification cards and blank checks. Justin Chance Maynard, 38, of Rowlett and Tina Rene Crosswhite, 42, of Quitman were arrested for the offense tampering with evidence and transported to jail. Additional charges of burglary of a vehicle, possession of stolen property, and fraudulent use/possession of identifying information >50 or more were later added. Maynard is also being held on charges out of Dallas, Collin and Denton counties.


June 10

Deputies William Burge and Steven Fields spoke with a complainant who stated that her 3 year old child had returned from a stay with her father with burned feet after he allowed her to play too close to a fire. The case has been referred to CPS.


Deputy Dustin Moffett spoke with a woman who stated that she believed that someone had switched air compressors with her. She also stated that she did not know the make and model of her compressor but did not think it looked like the one that was now at her house. Deputy Moffett noted that the compressor was covered in spider webs and did not appear to have been moved for a long period of time. Notes were made for documentation. No case was opened.


June 11

Deputy Dustin Moffett took a burglary of a habitation report from a woman at the Little Oasis RV Park who stated that someone had broken into her RV and taken a box of papers and a laptop computer. Information was recorded regarding a possible suspect and the case was forwarded to an investigator.


Sgt. Sam Threadgill took a report from a man who advised that he had been bitten by a dog while riding his bicycle at Alba Lake Shores. The man further stated that he was rushed by a pack of dogs and one of them bit him on the leg causing a small wound. The man refused medical attention. Due to the fact that several dogs were around at the time, the man was unsure which of the dogs had bitten him. An attempt to locate the dogs was made with negative results.


Deputy Dustin Moffett took a phone report from a complainant who stated that a yellow Cub Cadet riding lawn mower valued at approximately $1,800 was missing from his property. The mower had been located behind the residence and would not have been visible from the roadway.  The complainant further stated that he does not live at the property and only comes there when it needs to be mowed and the last time he had seen the mower was in March. This case has been forwarded to an investigator and leads are being worked.


June 12

Deputy David Hitt took a report from a shop owner who stated that one of his customers had picked up a four wheeler which he had done work on and was now refusing to pay his bill. Hitt spoke with both parties and advised the shop owner of proper procedure for pursuing theft of service charges against the customer.


Deputy Donivan South took a theft report from a man on CR 2302 who stated that someone had stolen nine bunches of noonday onions and a nail gun from his property. The man also informed South that he had located an empty shipping container on his property that belonged to his neighbor. The neighbor was contacted and arrived at the deputy’s location. She was able to identify the shipping container as one that had originally contained three small Royal Paulownia saplings that she had ordered in early May. The woman also stated that she was missing a pair of 24” tree loppers with natural handles. These cases have been turned over to investigators.


Deputy Brad Cates arrested Jimmy Dwane Forrister, 37, of Mineola for expired driver’s license following a traffic stop initiated when Cates witnessed Forrister commit a traffic offense. Two passengers in the car, neither of which had a valid driver’s license, were released and allowed to leave the scene. A wrecker was summoned for the car. Forrister was also charged with failure to maintain financial responsibility due to having no liability insurance on the car.


Deputy Chris Turner took a report of unauthorized use of a motor vehicle from a woman who stated that she had allowed a male friend to borrow her car two nights earlier and although he promised to return the car quickly, he had not yet done so. Turner recorded information regarding the car’s description and license plate number and had the car entered as stolen. An attempt to contact the man who borrowed the car was unsuccessful. Approximately six hours later, Deputy Heath Richardson met a woman in the parking lot of a local grocery store who stated she was there to return the car belonging to the complainant.  The woman also advised the car had been in her son’s possession since two days earlier. Minutes later, the complainant showed up and took possession of her car.


CID Summary

On Tuesday, June 11, 2013 investigators recovered a vehicle from a residence inside the City of Winnsboro that was reported stolen to the sheriff’s office. The vehicles was loaned to an individual and not returned.


Also on June 11, 2013, after gathering information from Hopkins County investigators on a recent burglary, CID investigators went to a home on FM 2225 and recovered a stolen house safe from a pond in the home’s front yard. The suspects were not home at that time and are currently wanted for theft and burglary charges.


A total of 21cases were closed by investigators during this reporting period.


Three trailers, including one cattle trailer, were seized by the Sheriff’s Office. The investigator is in the process of requesting that the court award the trailers to the county.


Call Summary

911 Hang up (2)

Accident Minor (1)

Agency Assist (6)

Alarm (14)

Animal General (1)

Assault (4)

Attempted Suicide (1)

ATV on Roadway (2)

Burglary of a Building (4)

Burglary of a Habitation (11)

Burglary of a Motor Vehicle (3)

Child Abuse (4)

Child Custody (1)

Child Endangerment (1)

Civil (11)

Cows Out (6)

Criminal Mischief (7)

Criminal Trespass (6)

Cruelty of Animals (3)

Dispute (6)

Disturbance (7)

Dog Bite (2)

Dog Problem (8)

Drug Offenses (2)

Found Property (1)

Harassment (1)

Horses Out (1)

Hospice Death (1)

Incident (14)

Identity Theft (1)

Indecency (1)

Information (4)

Injury to a Child (1)

Inquest (2)

Juvenile Transport (1)

Mental (1)

Minor in Possession (1)

Missing Person (2)

Noise Disturbance (4)

Other (3)

Overdose (2)

Pasture Party (1)

Phone Harassment (5)

Possession of Controlled Substance (1)

Reckless Damage or Destruction (1)

Reckless Driver (3)

Recovered Property (1)

Request to Speak to Officer (8)

Scam (1)

Shots Fired (1)

Smoke Investigation (1)

Stolen Property (1)

Suspicious Activity (3)

Suspicious Person (5)

Suspicious Vehicle (2)

Tampering (2)

Terroristic Threat (2)

Theft (13)

Theft of Copper (1)

Traffic Stop (2)

Transport (4)

Vehicle Blocking Roadway (1)

Vehicle Fire (2)

Warrants (3)

Welfare Check (10)


Total Calls   232


Call Summary by Area

Alba              19

Hawkins            46

Mineola            64

Quitman               54

Winnsboro               27

Yantis              16


Current Jail Population

Males               75

Females           19

Bookings            34

Releases            39