An East Texas city is offering local kids a chance to cool off from the Texas heat. The Hawkins splash park at City Park is now open.

"The splash park is 2,000 sq ft and consists of 10 water stations including dunking buckets, sprays from the floor and rubber mat that protects the kids if they fall," said Hawkins Mayor Howard Coquat. "There's also a sidewalk that winds all the way around the splash park."

The project was a year in the making and was made possible by the Hawkins Economic Development Corporation.

"They got a plan and contracted out with a waterpark company," The city was not out of any money itself. The ECDC, through their funds and taxes, paid for the enitre splash park."

The splash park is the first of its kind in Wood County. Citizens of Hawkins and surrounding area previously would have had to make the drive to Tyler or Sulphur Springs to experience anything like the new park.

"We expect to see families all over Wood County, and surropunding counties, come to Hawkins for the splash Park," said Wood County Industrial Commission Executive Director, Chana Gail Willis.

The splash park is open Tuesday- Sunday from 12 p.m. - 6 p.m. and is free to the public.