Released by the office of State Rep Dan Flynn

VAN - With his wife Susan by his side at his home in Van, State Representative Dan Flynn (R- Van) - rancher, small businessman and dedicated conservative voice for the people of East Texas - announced his plans to run for re-election in House District 2.

Representative Flynn has been encouraged by many constituents to run for another term and serve as their voice in Austin. Proud of his unwavering support for faith, family and freedom, many constituents want a leader who will continue to maintain a voting record that reflects the conservative views and opinions of his district. Many feel his seniority will only enhance his ability to continue to make a positive lasting impact.

When asked to comment on the recent legislative session, Representative Flynn said, "My voting record speaks for itself. My legislative focus has been and continues to be the protection of individual rights through limited government policies that hold our state agencies accountable for their actions. I was tasked with carrying some of the most sweeping pieces of government transparency legislation the state of Texas has ever seen - and it passed unanimously and with bipartisan support throughout the process. I am most proud of the passage of House Bill 2, which provides protection to innocent life and improves healthcare for women."

Flynn's service on the Homeland Security and Public Safety Committee, coupled with his chairmanship on the National Conference of State Legislators Military Task Force, allowed Representative Flynn the opportunity to dedicate extensive time and energy crafting a military JOBS bill that set the national standard for occupational license procedures for returning military members and their spouses.

Flynn believes equitable school funding, advancing solutions for Texas' water issues, border security, and further transparency within government operations will be a priority in the 84th Legislative Session. "In the next session how we address these issues will be critical because our actions will set the pace for economic recovery and growth in Texas. We currently lead the nation in job creation and I want to be sure we remain the example for the rest of the country. I have developed lasting relationships with members and agency officials who understand that I will continue to fight for the needs of East Texas."

Representative Flynn is constantly recognized and awarded for his hard work and dedication to the conservative cause. For the 83rd Legislative session, Flynn was named a Gold Star recipient by the Concerned Women of Texas, a Lone Star Leader by the Texas Conservative Roundtable, a Top Conservative by the Texas Eagle Forum, and was honored with the "Courageous Conservative" Award by the Texas Conservative Coalition at a recent town hall event in Greenville. In February, Representative Flynn was named East Texas Legislator of the Year by the East Texas Council of Governments. After passing historic and nationally recognized 2nd

Amendment legislation, Representative Flynn was again awarded an A+ rating by the National Rifle Association and the Texas State Rifle Association for his authorship and support of pro- Second Amendment legislation.

"I promise to continue to uphold and vote the conservative values of House District 2," promised Representative Flynn. "Together we can make a difference and I want to thank each of my many supporters for their encouragement and prayers."