Wood County Sheriff’s Office

Sheriff’s Report

10/24/13 through 10/30/13


October 24

Deputy Donivan South was dispatched to CR 1903 for a report of burglary of a habitation. The complainant stated that he had been notified by a neighbor that a white female had made entry into an old residence belonging to the complainant, but being used only for storage. According to the neighbor witness, the white female entered the residence and while being observed by the neighbor, had rummaged through items inside the house setting some items aside in a pile. The woman fled the residence when confronted by the neighbor. South was advised by the complainant that nothing appeared to be missing from the residence, but the back door was found to be damaged. Investigators will continue to work the case to develop leads.


Deputy Josh O’Grady took a report of burglary of a motor vehicle from a complainant on PR 7850. According to the complainant, a fence had been cut in order to allow access to a pickup truck parked in a maintenance yard. Various hand tools were missing from the backseat of the pickup. Several items of evidentiary value were collected at the scene. This case was turned over to an investigator.


Deputy Josh O’Grady was dispatched to PR 7850 for a theft report. According to the complainant, a Polaris 250 4x2 4-wheeler was missing from the property and was last seen five days earlier in back of a building, out in the open. This case was forwarded to CID for continued investigation.


Deputy Josh O’Grady was dispatched to CR 2373 for a report of a family violence disturbance and was advised that the complainant had left the residence after being physically assaulted by her grandson. O’Grady arrived at the location and was able to locate the suspect behind the residence. According to the suspect, he was upset because his grandmother would not let him use the car. Speaking with the complainant, O’Grady learned the woman had been forced to go to a neighbor’s house to call 9-1-1 because the suspect had taken the phone before she could make the call. Sterlin Lee Farley, 22, of Alba was arrested for the offense of injury to a child/elderly/disabled with intent bodily injury and was transported to jail.


Deputy David Hitt took a theft report from a complainant on PR 5815 who stated that sometime in the past two weeks, someone had stolen his 2006 25hp Mercury outboard motor off his aluminum boat. The motor’s value is listed as $4,000. This case was forwarded to CID.


October 25

Deputy Tony Ingram took a report of burglary of a building from a complainant who stated the lock on her rental storage unit had been removed and unknown person(s) had entered and possibly removed items. Several boxes had been rummaged through but the complainant was unsure what all was taken. Once a complete list of missing items is received, this case will be forwarded to an investigator.


Deputy Tony Ingram was dispatched to a residence on FM 515 for a burglary of a habitation. Entry into the residence appeared to have been gained through French doors that were not completely secured. According to the complainant a 32” Emerson flat screen TV and some jewelry were missing from the residence. Items of evidentiary value were collected at the scene and the case was forwarded for additional investigation.


Deputy Steven Fields was dispatched to FM 1647 for a disturbance in progress. According to the victim, his son had come home intoxicated and became angry because there was nothing for him to eat for dinner. When confronted by his father, the suspect pushed him into a glass hutch causing it to break. Dylan Reed Richison, 31, of Winnsboro was arrested for the offense of assault by contact and transported to jail without incident.


October 26

Deputy Aaron Warren took a report of burglary of a building from a complainant on CR 1941. Evidence at the scene indicated that entry was made into a metal shop building when unknown person(s) removed several screws from a piece of sheet metal. Multiple items of fishing equipment were missing from the building as well as a DeWalt Sawzall, a MIG welder and a DeWalt cordless hammer drill. The case is now in the hands of investigators.


October 27

Deputy Brad Cates arrested Clifton Ashton Wade, 24, of Grand Saline for the offense of assault causes bodily injury/family violence after being dispatched to a residence on CR 2444 for a disturbance in progress. Witnesses at the scene were able to corroborate the victim’s story that she was physically assaulted by her brother following a verbal altercation that escalated. The suspect had left the scene before the deputy’s arrival but not before causing damage to the victim’s car, several neighbors’ yards and a brick mailbox enclosure. Additional charges of criminal mischief >$1,500 <$20,000 were later filed.


Deputy Brad Cates arrested Susan Gayle Rowland, 41, of Pensacola, FL for public intoxication following a disturbance call to a residence on CR 3441. According to the complainant, she was awakened by a woman beating on her back door. Cates arrived to find a rain soaked woman sitting on the complainant’s porch. The woman advised Cates that she was in town for a friend’s wedding and admitted to consuming alcohol and eating half a mushroom and displayed signs of intoxication including slurred speech and blood shot eyes. She was transported to jail without incident.

October 28

Deputy Josh O’Grady was dispatched to a residence on CR 3600 for a burglary of a habitation. O’Grady met with the property’s caretaker who advised that the residence had been broken into sometime after he checked on it the previous night. The entry point could not be pinpointed conclusively but was possibly a side door. Three TVs and two Blu-ray players were missing from the home. This case will be under further investigation by CID.


Deputy David Hitt was dispatched to a location on FM 2088 for a report of a stolen trailer. According to the complainant, a 16’ Kearney utility trailer, valued at $2,300 had been stolen from the location sometime in the past two hours. This case is now in the hands of an investigator.


Deputy Josh O’Grady was dispatched to a location on Hwy 69 for a theft of copper. According to the complainant, welding leads had been stolen off the back of his truck. A 100’ extension cord was found to be missing from the location as well. O’Grady recorded information concerning a possible suspect and forwarded the case for additional investigation.

October 29

Deputy Josh O’Grady was dispatched to Alba-Golden High School for a burglary of a building report. According to the complainant, unknown person(s) entered the high school building the previous night and images of two white males rummaging through an office were captured by cameras. Approximately $60 cash and two pocket knives were missing from a high school office.

O’Grady was also notified that the elementary school had been burglarized as well. An unknown amount of money was missing from a classroom and several items had been relocated throughout the school. Photographs were taken at the scene and forwarded to an investigator with information regarding possible identities of the suspects. Two juvenile males were later arrested in connection with this case and all property was returned to the school.


Deputy Austin Cryer was dispatched to a location on PR 7621 for a copper theft report. According to the complainant, he had discovered a 100’ spool of copper wire and a pair of jumper cables missing from his shed. An investigator has been assigned to the case.

October 30

Deputy Steven Fields was dispatched to a location on Hwy 154 for a report of criminal mischief. The complainant stated that the sliding glass door on her camper was broken out by her grandson-in-law during an argument with her granddaughter. Fields took a voluntary statement from the complainant and photographed the damage. The case is now in the hands of an investigator.



The Sheriff’s Office Investigations received three separate reports of burglary and theft from the Hawkins area. Items taken consisted of a Chuckwagon side by side, a four wheeler and a golf cart along with numerous other items. Captain Tucker and Sgt. Richardson recovered the Chuckwagon and the four wheeler as well as other items from the burglaries. All burglaries were cleared and arrest warrants for three individuals are being issued.


Five burglaries were cleared involving the Alba-Golden school with the arrest of two juveniles. All property was recovered and returned to the school.


A burglary of the Mineola school was cleared with the recovery of an iPad and the arrest of two juveniles.


Ashley Nichols was arrested and charged with hindering the arrest of B.J. Lindley.


Sgt. Brian Andrews closed ten cases, prepared one additional case for presentation to the grand jury and obtained a warrant in another case.


Crime Stoppers Safety Tip


This week’s safety tip addresses a problem that will touch almost every family at some point – Domestic Violence. October is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month. One out of every four women in this country will suffer some kind of violence at the hands of her husband or boyfriend. Sometimes a husband or boyfriend is a victim of domestic violence. Very few will tell anyone – not a friend, a relative, a neighbor, or the police. Victims of domestic violence come from all walks of life – all cultures, all income groups, all ages, all religions. They share feelings of helplessness, isolation, guilt, fear and shame. All hope it won’t happen again, but often it does.


There are no easy answers, but there are things you can do to protect yourself:

  • Call the police or sheriff. Assault, even by family members, is a crime. The police often have the information about shelters and other agencies that help victims of domestic violence.
  • Leave, or have someone come stay with you. Go to a battered-woman’s shelter. If you believe that you and your children are in danger, leave immediately!
  • Get medical attention from your doctor or a hospital emergency room if you have injuries.
  • Talk to someone. Part of the abuser’s power comes from secrecy. Victims are often ashamed to let anyone know about intimate family problems. Go to a friend or neighbor, or call a domestic-violence hotline to talk to a counselor.
  • Plan ahead – and know what you will do if you are attacked again. If you decide to leave, choose a place to go and set aside some money. Put important papers together – marriage license, birth certificates, checkbooks, savings account books, social security cards, insurance information – in a place where you can get them quickly.
  • Learn to think independently. Try to plan for the future and set goals for yourself.


Call Summary

Accident Minor (6)

Agency Assist (8)

Alarm (6)

Animal Bite (1)

Animal General (1)

Assault (1)

Assault by Contact (1)

Assault by Threat (1)

Burglary of a Building (5)

Burglary of a Habitation (7)

Burglary of a Motor Vehicle (2)

Child Abuse (4)

Child Custody (1)

Civil (10)

Cows Out (8)

Criminal Mischief (4)

Criminal Trespass (5)

Cruelty of Animals (3)

Dispute (3)

Disturbance (5)

Dog Problem (10)

Domestic Disturbance (2)

Dumping (1)

Harassment (2)

Horses Out (1)

Identity Theft (1)

Incident (13)

Inquest (1)

Juvenile Dispute (1)

Mental (2)

Noise Disturbance (4)

Overdose (1)

Phone Harassment (2)

Prowler (1)

Request to Speak to Officer (9)

Runaway (4)

Scam (2)

Shots Fired (3)

Suspicious Activity (4)

Suspicious Person (3)

Suspicious Vehicle (2)

Terroristic Threat (3)

Theft (7)

Theft of Copper (3)

Theft of Livestock (1)

Traffic Stop (1)

Transport (2)

Warrants (2)

Welfare Check (4)


Total Calls      173

Call Summary by Area


Alba                          17

Hawkins                   36

Mineola                   45

Quitman                   32

Winnsboro                19

Yantis                       24


Current Jail Population        123

Males               99                                                                                                                                Females                      24

Bookings    21

Releases     20