By Jeannie Taylor

New York Times Best Selling Author, Colleen Hoover, visited the Alba Library last night and enjoyed visiting with a nice crowd who ventured out in the rain to meet the famous author.  Mrs. Hoover resides in Saltillo and became well known after self publishing several of her novels.  She told the crowd of fans that she had always enjoyed writing and while maintaining a career in Social Work, she began writing for pleasure for family and friends.

Life changed very quickly for the author about a year and a half ago when she made the decision to release her first book, "Slammed" as an e-book on Amazon.  The book became very popular and before she knew it, it was on the New York Times best selling list.  The renowned author said she has been totally blown away at how her life has changed and the popularity of her books.  She said she never in a million years expected any of this!  Her books are written with High School and College Aged characters and typically adults are the popular audience who seems to be purchasing more of her books even though many teens and young adults are enjoying the novels, as well.

With the release of four books this year, she is preparing for the release of another novel in January and possibly two to three more in 2014.

When asked what she attributes her success to, Mrs. Hoover replied, "Timing and luck."