During their regularly scheduled meeting, the Tyler City Council received a Lean Six Sigma presentation regarding Fire Department planning for future facilities.

As part of the Lean Six Sigma initiative, a study was conducted concerning fire station locations in the City of Tyler.

The analysis was performed to determine the most fiscally sound means for construction and staffing of stations while also addressing the need to replace some of the City’s oldest and outdated fire stations.

The study identified overlapping response districts in some parts of the City. This would require the construction of a fire station at the intersection of Gentry Parkway and Palace Avenue, which would combine and replace the current aging Fire Stations 1 and 4.

Due to growth in the Cumberland Gap area, the need exists for a fire station at the corner of Cumberland Road and Cherryhill Drive. Reallocating resources from stations 1 and 4 to the Cumberland Gap area would provide balanced and comparable coverage to all parts of the City. Construction of this station would greatly enhance the response capability of the Tyler Fire Department to this area and would be staffed by existing personnel. These recommendations are further supported by an independent ISO consultant study.

According to Fire Chief Tim Johnson, “This study provides the framework that will allow the Tyler Fire Department to continue to provide superior emergency response to all areas of the City, while greatly reducing the anticipated budgetary impact.”

Recommendations on this study will be voted on at a later date. Pending City Council approval this project is expected to be complete in two to three years.