Wood County Sheriff’s Office

Sheriff’s Report

08/13/14 through 08/19/14


August 13

Deputy Carolyn Tanner responded to CR 3420 for a report of identity theft. According to the complainant, he received a collection notice from Citibank and as he did not have a Citibank account suspected his former girlfriend had opened the account in his name. The complainant had already contacted the credit bureaus to have his account flagged. Information was recorded about the former girlfriend and the case was forwarded to an investigator.


Sgt. William Burge took a report of burglary of a habitation from a woman who resides on CR 2110. The woman stated she consistently keeps her purse on the clothes dryer when she is home and had just noticed it was missing. The purse was last seen in place the previous day. According to the woman and her husband, the only time they were absent from the residence was the previous day when a trip to the grocery store kept them away for about an hour. The woman stated she believes someone came into their home and took the purse. The woman’s husband stated he believed his wife had simply misplaced her purse. This case is now in the hands of an investigator.


Deputy Jeremy Ragsdale was dispatched to the Sheriff’s Office just before 10:30 pm in response to a woman who had arrived with a small child she picked up while traveling on US Hwy 69 south of Mineola. According to the woman, the five year old boy was waving his hands at passing cars in an apparent attempt to get someone’s attention. Speaking to the child, it was learned the boy had been left on the Sand Springs Baptist Church bus at the end of the bus route. While taking the report, the church bus driver arrived and stated he had a different route than normal and must have passed the boy’s residence without noticing. The man also stated he left after finishing the route and during the entire time the child never said a word to him. The child’s mother was contacted to come to the Sheriff’s Office and after learning of the incident she stated she knew the driver had extra routes to run and there had been no other problems in the nine months the child had been going to the church. An incident report was completed for documentation purposes and the child was released to his mother.


Deputy Dustin Moffett was dispatched to PR 7544 for an assault. The complainant stated he was assaulted as a result of a child custody dispute. Moffett was also notified that a female on the other side of the dispute wished to report that she had been assaulted as well. Moffet spoke with a total of six parties and took voluntary written statements from those involved in the dispute as well as several witnesses. Photographs were taken of the injuries. The case has been forwarded to CID for further investigation.


August 14

Deputy Justin Wallis was dispatched to FM 852 for a report of two young boys in the roadway. Wallis made contact with the boy’s grandfather who stated he had allowed the boys, ages 5 and 6, to play in the front in the past but he had always been out there with them before. Wallis also spoke with the boys’ mother and explained a passing vehicle had to swerve to avoid hitting the boys. The woman, who was clearly upset and concerned for the boys’ welfare, agreed to speak to the boys and keep a closer eye on them. This case is closed.


August 15

Just after midnight, Deputy Jeremy Ragsdale was dispatched to a structure fire on CR 2298. Ragsdale arrived to find flames coming from the back of the residence, which appeared to be vacant due to the high grass and boarded up windows. While multiple fire departments were on scene attempting to extinguish the blaze, a woman rode up on a small bicycle and stated she was at the residence before the fire started. The woman claimed she does not normally stay at the residence but was staying there on this night in an attempt to catch people stealing from the residence. The woman also stated she believes the fire started from a candle she was burning due to not having electricity and she was forced to use the bicycle to go and find help as her cell phone did not have a good signal. This case is now in the hands of the Fire Marshal.


Deputy Terri Altman took a report of theft from a complainant on CR 4847 who stated his prescription pain medication was missing from the residence. The man further stated he had three houseguests stay the weekend of August 2nd and discovered the medication missing on August 5th. An incident report was completed for documentation purposes.


August 16

Deputy Terri Altman was dispatched to a residence on SH 37 to recover suspected stolen merchandise. According to the reporting party, she allowed a friend to borrow her vehicle and he did not return it when he said he would. She was later notified that her 1997 Ford Expedition was located at Lake Winnsboro. The woman further stated she took possession of the SUV and found her third row seat missing and the vehicle packed with items she suspected were stolen. The items were impounded along with a small black bag containing drug paraphernalia. This case is closed.


Deputy Kevin Atkinson was dispatched to FM 515 for a report of livestock theft. According to the complainant, two large bulls were missing from his pasture. The man also advised he had already checked and his fences were all secure and he had also spoken with all the nearby landowners to make sure the bulls had not escaped. The man further stated he believes the pins were removed from the gate in order for the pasture to be accessed. The bulls are both described as mature Charolais with an “S” brand on their left hip. This case is now in the hands of an investigator.


August 17

Sgt. Chris Turner and Deputy Terri Altman were dispatched to CR 3269 for a disturbance. Upon their arrival, they were advised by the victim’s daughter that she had left the residence and was currently at a nearby family member’s residence. Contact was made with the victim who stated she had been assaulted by her daughter during a dispute over property. According to the woman, her daughter pushed her with both hands across her chest knocking her to the couch. The woman also stated similar behavior had been occurring for the past three years and she now wished to pursue charges against her daughter. The daughter, Gay Lanell Williams, 53, of Mineola was located at the complainant’s residence and taken into custody. She was transported to jail and is charged with assault causes bodily injury, family violence.


Deputy Kevin Atkinson was dispatched to CR 4641 for a domestic dispute. Atkinson was advised by the husband that he and his wife had a verbal altercation and although he broke a window and several other things, he did not lay a hand on his wife. His wife stated she was shoved several times, eventually being knocked to the bed. Dispute having evidence of multiple recent injuries, the wife stated she did not wish to pursue charges or obtain a protective order. Due to the threat of continued violence, Jason Lee Hogie, 35, of Winnsboro was arrested and transported to jail. He is charged with assault by contact, family violence.


August 18

Sgt. William Burge took a theft report from a complainant who resides on CR 2166 who stated he had loaned a trailer to an acquaintance and the trailer had not been returned. The man further stated he spoke with another man who informed him the suspect had attempted to sell him a trailer matching the description of the stolen trailer. The trailer is described as a homemade trailer that was once a boat trail and is yellow in color with 2x6 boards for side rails. The complainant gave the value of the missing trailer as $1,500. This case has been forwarded for investigation.


Deputy Justin Wallis took a theft report from a man at Holly Lake Ranch who stated he made arrangements with another man to have his 1930 Ford Coupe painted and paid the man $1,500 to start the job. The complainant stated that after some time had passed he began having trouble contacting the man who was doing the work and finally went to retrieve the car. According to the man, his car was missing both front fenders and when questioned about the missing fenders, the painter stated he had sent them to a man to be sand blasted and the man had since moved to California. The complainant stated he believed the man possible sold the fenders. This case was forwarded to CID for investigation.


August 19

Deputy Justin Wallis was dispatched to CR 1416 for a scam report. According to the reporting party, she had been scammed out of $1,945 after receiving a phone call from someone she believed to be her grandson who stated he had been arrested for drinking after getting into an accident. The caller then put another man, who claimed to be a defense lawyer, on the phone and the woman was told her grandson would be released and the charges cleared if she sent the money. The woman did as instructed but later became suspicious and made contact with her grandson who advised he was fine and not in jail. An incident report was completed for documentation purposes.


Deputy Justin Wallis took a report of theft from a woman on CR 3597. The stated she was outside and observed a white Chevrolet pickup back in on her property across the road. The woman further stated she got into her vehicle and drove down to see what the truck was doing but before she could make contact with the driver he sped away. The woman followed the pickup until it pulled into a church parking lot. When asked why he was on the property, the man stated he was picking up some tires and wheels and did not realize they belonged to anyone. The man returned her property and offered his driver’s license for identification. This case has been forwarded for identification.





CID Summary

On Thursday August 14th Investigators from the Sheriff’s Office executed a narcotics search warrant on CR 2298 near Lake Holbrook.  Investigators arrested Belinda Crowell for delivery of controlled substance (methamphetamine) over 4 grams under 200 grams.  Investigators located several stolen four wheelers at the residence.  A warrant was issued for Brandon Roberts for theft in relation to the four wheelers.




Current Jail Population        116

Males 92                                                                                                                                 Females 24

Book-Ins     31

Releases      38