Wood County Sheriff’s Office

Sheriff’s Report

08/20/14 through 08/26/14

August 20

Deputy Dustin Moffett was dispatched to Golden Grocery on FM 779 for a burglary just after midnight. Moffett arrived to find the owners already on scene and learned they had been contacted by their alarm company. According to the owners, a white SUV was parked across the street at a residence but fled at a high rate of speed when they arrived. Entry into the store appeared to have been gained through a front window which was busted out. Inside the store a large wooden log was located and is believed to have been used to break the window. A large amount of blood was also located indicating that at least one person was injured during the break-in. The owners stated the only thing they found missing were four packages of cigarettes that were taken from behind the register. Two of those packs were located on the ground near the window.  Captain Miles Tucker also responded to the scene where evidence was collected. Shortly afterward, while attempting to locate the suspect SUV it was discovered that the Domino Grill located next to Golden Grocery had been broken into as well. Entry was made by busting out a side window. Contact was made with the business’ owner who, after checking the building, stated nothing appeared to be missing. This case remains under investigation.

August 21

Sgt. Chris Turner was dispatched to Traders Village for a burglary of a building. The reporting party stated 11 rental units were broken into and she had not yet been able to make contact with the renters. All of the units were re-secured and the case was forwarded to CID pending notification of all involved parties.


Deputy Terri Altman was dispatched to CR 4200 for a burglary of a building. The complainant advised his employee called to notify him that his workshop had been broken into. Altman learned the building was secure three days prior when the employee was last there. Entry into the building appeared to have been gained through a side window that was broken out. Items missing from the workshop include a drill, leaf blower and a weed eater with a combined value of $60. This case is now in the hands of an investigator.

August 22

Just before 1:30 AM Deputy Austin Cryer was notified of a reckless driver reported to be traveling on FM 14. The reporting party described the car as a white Chevrolet HHR that had almost hit his vehicle and was now wrecked in the ditch at the intersection of FM 14 and FM 2659. Cryer was able to locate the vehicle which had left the scene of the accident and was traveling on CR 3540. Cryer identified the driver and noted his eyes were glassy and bloodshot. The driver readily admitted to drinking alcohol on his way home from work. A standard field sobriety test was administered and Joshua Paul Bolt, 22, of Hawkins was arrested after failing the test. He is charged with driving while intoxicated.


August 23

Deputy Justin Wallis took a report of burglary of a habitation from a complainant on FM 515. The man stated he does not reside full time at the property and during his most recent absence from the residence was notified by a neighbor that it appeared someone had been on his property. Arriving at the property, the man discovered a 28’ Big Tex trailer missing and his residence broken into. Entry into the residence appeared to have taken place through a bedroom window that was broken out. According to the man, clothes had been pulled out of the closets in the two bedrooms and a drill and other miscellaneous tools were missing. A shop building on the property was also burglarized and six extension cords, an air compressor and three trickle chargers were missing. Tin was pulled back on the rear of the shop to allow the suspect(s) to enter. The total value of the missing property is just over $8,000. This case was forwarded to CID and remains under investigation.


Deputy Justin Wallis was dispatched to CR 4860 for a theft report. A man reported his red Toro lawnmower had been stolen from underneath his carport. The man further stated he was last at the property three weeks prior and did not notice the mower missing until he returned from fishing on this day. The case is now in the hands of an investigator.


Deputy Dustin Moffett was dispatched to Pine Mills Catfish for a report of a stolen truck. The complainant, the restaurant’s manager, stated he left his black 2014 Ford F-150 parked near the side door of the restaurant. The man also stated he saw the truck still there at 9:00 pm and a fellow employee stated he did not see the truck there at 9:15 pm. The truck’s keys were left in the ignition. Also stolen with the truck were a Smith and Wesson .357 revolver along with business checks belonging to the restaurant and refrigeration tools, an iPad, and a gas credit card belonging to the man’s other employer. The truck was later recovered on PR 7952 in Hawkins. The pistol and iPad were not recovered. The truck’s owner’s manual, some cash, a tape measure and a bag of clothes were also missing from inside the truck. This case has been referred to CID.


August 24

Deputy Justin Wallis was dispatched to CR 4960 for a theft report. The complainant advised his wife had taken his cell phone, wallet and debit cards without his permission and had also taken a car which he had borrowed from his parents. According to the man, his wife left while he was in the shower after she requested he drive her somewhere and he refused. He also stated he had removed his wife from the account six months earlier due to the fact that she had a drug problem. Wallis spoke with the car’s owner who stated the woman had sent him a text stating she was going to return the car and he did not wish to pursue charges at this time. This case is now in the hands of an investigator.


Sgt. Sam Threadgill arrested Nolan Whitaker, 18, of Mineola and Justin Mitchell, 18, of Mineola after they were found to be in possession of marijuana, less than two ounces. Sgt. Threadgill discovered the pair at 11:30 PM during routine patrol at the beach area of Lake Holbrook, which closes at 10 PM. Both men admitted the presence of marijuana and both claimed ownership of the drug. The pair was transported to jail without incident.


August 25

Deputy Steven Fields took a theft report from a man on CR 2502 who stated his pit bull had been stolen approximately 2-3 months ago and he now had information that a juvenile who had once lived with him had stolen the dog and sold it to another man. The complainant spoke with the man who purchased the dog and learned he did not know the dog was stolen and paid the boy $100 for it. The man readily agreed to return the pit bull back to the man. The complainant stated he now wished to pursue criminal charges against the juvenile for theft. This case is in the hands of an investigator.


Deputies Dustin Moffett and James Hildebrand were dispatched to the ER at ETMC Quitman in response to two stabbing victims being treated there. The deputies learned the stabbing occurred at a residence on CR 2427 and investigators were notified to respond to the scene. Photographs were taken at the scene and evidence was collected. Information was also recorded regarding all the parties involved. The case remains under investigation.


Sgt. Chris Turner took a report of assault which occurred on US Hwy 69. According to the victim, she received a call from her ex boyfriend who stated he needed her to come jump start his car. The woman complied but informed the man she needed to hurry because she was currently at work. The woman stated her ex boyfriend then became very angry, took her keys and began using them to scratch her arms while squeezing her face very hard. Turner observed injuries to the woman’s arms consistent with her story. The suspect, Angelo Spizzirri, 30, of Alba was located still at the location where the assault took place. He was arrested for assault causes bodily injury and was transported to jail without incident.


Deputy Aaron Warren and Sgt. Chris Turner were dispatched to Jarvis Christian College where campus security was detaining two females responsible for an assault. The victim of the assault was transported to ETMC Quitman for treatment of a laceration to her head. After speaking with all parties, Camesha Kayleen Chambers, 18, and Alexis Blair, 18, both of Dallas, were arrested for assault causes bodily injury and were transported to jail with further incident. This case has been turned over to an investigator.


Deputy Terri Altman took an assault report from a victim at Dollar General in Yantis. According to the victim she has been taking care of her sister’s children at her sister’s request. She further stated she was en route to pick up her nephew from school and had her niece with her in the pickup when they met her brother-in-law on the road and he swerved his vehicle in an attempt to hit her. The man then began pursuing her causing the woman to pull in at the Dollar General out of fear for her life. The man confronted her in the parking and punched her in the face just beneath her left eye. The woman was able to flee with her niece into the store where she took refuge in the restroom. Photos were taken of the woman’s injury and the case has been assigned to an investigator.

Deputy Kevin Atkinson was dispatched to CR 4860 for a burglary of a building. The complainant stated several tools were missing from a storage shed. The missing tools include a miter saw, a Sawzall, a socket set and 18v cordless charger for a batter pack. When asked about possible suspects, the complainant’s wife stated she was awakened at approximately 3:00 am by noises outside. Looking out the window, the woman observed a silver passenger car on the side of the road and a man standing beside it. When she next checked at approximately 5:00 am the silver car was still present and several individuals appeared to be loading items from the car’s trunk into a dark colored vehicle. Atkinson located the silver car, still parked partially blocking the roadway. A wrecker service was dispatched to remove the car. This case has now been passed to an investigator.

August 26

Sgt. Chris Turner took a forgery report from a woman who resides at Holiday Villages. The woman stated she had recently returned from a vacation trip to Nevada during which she placed two checks into the mailbox located at her motel. She had since learned that those checks were intercepted and a woman had altered both the amount of the checks and the “pay to” line before cashing the checks. The woman also stated she only became aware of the incident when she was contacted by her bank and informed that her account was delinquent. Information was recorded regarding the woman who cashed the checks and the case was forwarded to CID.


Sgt. Chris Turner took a theft report from the owner of Lake Fork Marina. The man advised he had previously given an individual permission to obtain fuel without paying but had since withdrawn permission. The man went on to say that in checking his fuel transactions, he discovered approximately 253 gallons of fuel, valued at $974, unaccounted for and wished to file theft charges against the individual. Turner also spoke to a man who witnessed the individual take gas from the business. This case has been turned over to an investigator.

CID Summary


Investigators received a report of a burglary at the skating rink in Golden.  A suspect was located and a warrant for burglary of a building was issued for Tyler Huff.


On August 28 Sgt. Jacob Richardson obtained an arrest warrant for Mr. Austin Arning of the Hawkins area for criminal mischief.  In this case Austin became mad with his girlfriend during a fight and punched her grandmother’s car’s windshield breaking it.  Mr. Arning will be charged with criminal mischief.


A report was taken regarding Debit Card Abuse in the Quitman area.  Upon further investigation into this offense there was evidence obtained in order to issue a warrant for a Tonya Phillips possibly in the Mineola area for committing said offense.


A search warrant was executed in the Mineola/Holbrook area which was related to narcotics.  Upon execution of the search warrant there were two four wheelers recovered which were stolen as well as an undisclosed amount of Methamphetamine.  Several arrests were made for both the stolen property as well as the drugs.


After several reports of fishing tackle being stolen around Lake Fork a possible suspect has been identified.  Further investigation into this issue is underway in order to obtain further information and attempt to retrieve more property.


Information is still being obtained regarding several Terroristic Threat reports in the Yantis area.  We are attempting to locate a possible suspect and arrest warrants are soon to follow.


Sgt. Kyle Henson continues to investigate the case in which Charles Perry, 67, of Yantis was recently arrested for Aggravated Sexual Assault of a Child. Perry has been charged with one additional count of Aggravated Sexual Assault of a Child and additional charges are pending.


Sgt. Henson also obtained a warrant for Brandon Thomas Blackburn and Kirby Don McKnight for failure to comply with sex offender registration requirements.


Current Jail Population        116

Males 93                                                                                                                                Females 23

Book-Ins     22

Releases      18