Released by the Wood County Technology Office


Wood County announced today that it is preparing to release its new Internet portal to Wood County. The new website has been redesigned from the ground up with more information about Wood County than on the current website.
The new website ( is set to be released on September 2, 2011 during commissioner’s court and will become available for public visitors on that day.
Richard Parrish, Chief Technology Officer for Wood County states “This new website is intended to not only keep our citizens and tax payers informed, but to also help provide information about Wood County to visitors, or potential businesses.”
The website includes such information as who the officials and department heads of Wood County are, how to contact each department, financial records of Wood County including county budgets, audit reports, check registers, monthly expense reports, and monthly treasurer reports. All available on-line for anyone to view. The site also includes videos of commissioner court meetings, posted agenda, calendar of events, public notices, and much more.
Parrish also noted that since 2005 the Information Technology office has made it a priority to develop and maintain public information portals such as the County’s website and is always looking at new ideas and better ways to improve delivery of County information to it’s citizens.
When asked why the website address of “mywoodcounty” was chosen, Parrish stated “that name was chosen because this website is intended to be for the citizens this is their website about their county government.”
The current web address of will remain active and will start redirecting to the new website on September 2nd as well.