dagdState Representative Dan Flynn tells KMOO that the first responder bill, HB 56, had its first hearing in the Homeland Security Committee this week. Rep. Flynn says the bill will allow first responders as defined by Section 161.0001 in the Texas Health and Safety Code with a LTC to carry while in the discharge of their duties.
"I filed this bill to ensure the protection of first responders as the situations they are responding to become increasingly more dangerous," Rep. Flynn said. "The very nature of their job often has them arriving on the scene of an emergency well ahead of law enforcement or in the complete absence of such backup.  The potentially violent, emotional and fast occurring nature of these types of emergency calls often have the potential for first responders to be without Law Enforcement support at the moment they need it."
Fylnn said this bill allows first responders to exercise their second amendment rights, maintain their safety and enhance their ability to save lives.