cmfCHRISTUS Trinity Mother Frances Health System and Titus Regional Medical Center have reached an agreement to expand Flight For Life coverage in the region with the relocation of a lifesaving aircraft, expanding access to award-winning health care services throughout several states.

The EC-130 helicopter, previously based in Winnsboro, was relocated to Titus Regional Medical Center in Mt. Pleasant earlier this spring. With the continuing expansion of CHRISTUS Trinity Mother Frances Health System and its services throughout the region, this move will implement a more effective distribution of Flight For Life services across the state.

“As CHRISTUS Trinity Mother Frances Health System grows throughout Northeast Texas, we will continue fulfilling the promise that we have made to the people of this region by expanding access to the award-winning services, facilities and care they need,” said Chris Glenney, FACHE, President and Chief Executive Officer, CHRISTUS Trinity Mother Frances Health System. “The expertise brought by the crews, pilots and medical staff will improve availability and access to critical care in Northeast Texas. The placement of an aircraft at Titus Regional Medical Center will further enhance and expand services to hundreds of thousands of people.”

Primarily serving Northeast Texas, this aircraft in the Flight For Life squadron may be deployed to transport critically ill and injured patients in an area spanning from North Houston to Southern Oklahoma, and from near Waco into Arkansas and Louisiana.

“By basing this aircraft in Mt. Pleasant, we will be able to better reach patients across Northeast Texas in dire need of emergency medical care and transport services,” said Terry Scoggin, Interim Chief Executive Officer, Titus Regional Medical Center. “Both Titus Regional Medical Center and CHRISTUS Trinity Mother Frances Health System take great pride in the high level of quality care we provide our patients, and with the location of this aircraft, we demonstrate our shared passion for providing much needed and high-quality health care to the patients that need it most.”

“Time is always crucial for patients in critical condition, and to have an aircraft strategically placed can make a real difference in the lives of many patients,” added Mark Anderson, M.D., Chief of Emergency Medicine at CHRISTUS Trinity Mother Frances Health System. “Research has shown that getting patients treated with the first hour, or ‘Golden Hour,’ after an accident or event result in better outcomes in both the short and long-term.”

“We are very enthusiastic about the expansion of Flight For Life services with the placement of this aircraft in Mt. Pleasant,” said Scott Kunkel, Chief Administrative Officer, Flight For Life. “The addition of the aircraft in Mt. Pleasant, along with the aircraft, crews and resources based in Longview and Palestine will bring more immediate access to nationally ranked health care services in the region. Flight For Life will now continue service to more than 100,000 square miles of the Northeast Texas region. We are honored to play a part in continuing this tradition of access, service and care for the community.”

The Flight For Life program was originally developed by CHRISTUS Mother Frances Hospital - Tyler in December 1985. Flight For Life provides access in a critical care environment of critically ill and injured patients from isolated rural medical facilities and EMS agencies to more tertiary care centers. For more than 30 years, the Flight For Life program has answered the call for the rapid transport of at-risk, critical care patients from isolated rural medical facilities and EMS Agencies to the more advanced Level II Trauma Centers of East Texas.