Even though there have been a couple alligator incidents in East Texas recently, and it seems there have been increased sightings and reports of the reptiles.

There really hasn’t been a noticable increase in the alligator population.

Wood Co. Game Warden Kurt Kelly said each year he recievas quite a few phone calls from the first of April when everything starts warming up until about this

time of year, from lots of people calling about seeing alligators.

They are affected by the weather and get more active in the spring.

Water may rise and a gator might explore and set up home elsewhere, or a pond may dry out forcing it to take a hike.

Other factors that would make them move would obviously be a food source, too many people, or breading season.

Kelly has been a Wood County Game Warden for 17 years and only handled two reports of someone bitten by a gator.

One was a man that had one in his bath tub, and the other one, a man caught it and put it in the car, and it bit him while he was pulling it out of the car.