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Ronny Cox, known for his involvement in the movies, “Deliverance.” “Beverly Hills Cop.” and “Total Recall.”, will be making a three-stop tour in Texas and Louisiana in July including a night at Winnsboro’s Bowery Stage.

Ronny Cox has been acting in Hollywood for over 40 years, and at the same time has enjoyed a career as a real-life singer-songwriter, guitarist and master storyteller.

He will be performing on The Bowery Stage at Winnsboro Center for the Arts on Saturday, July 8 at 7:30 p.m. Tickets are $19 and $27 and can be purchased at Winnsboro Emporium, 903-342-6140, at the Winnsboro Center for the Arts, 903-342-0686 and online at winnsborocenterforthearts.com