Dear Fellow Texans,

It has been a busy month since the end of the 85th Legislative Session, and we are busy gearing up for Special Session which will begin on July 18th

Going into this session, Texas was faced with a serious deficit in the budget with oil revenue being lower than estimated.  However, along with passing a budget, we restructured the Department of Family and Protective Services (including CPS reform), passed legislation regarding sanctuary cities, and strengthened voter ID laws to protect the integrity of elections in Texas.  

There were many significant pro-life victories this session.  One of the most important was an amendment that will ban the inhumane practice of dismemberment abortions in Texas.  I am optimistic that we will continue to advance the pro-life cause in the upcoming Special Session. 

We also saw a number of Second Amendment advances such as a bill my office filed that will allow teachers to keep their firearms locked in their vehicles while parked on school property. This legislation was important to assure the safety of our teachers as they travel to and from work.  You can read more here.

Another Second Amendment bill, which I was proud to coauthor, lowers the License to Carry (LTC) fee and ensures that more Texans are able to affordably protect themselves and exercise their constitutional right. 

Overall, the tone of this session was a sober one as we grappled with many heavy issues that will impact the lives of all Texans.  Texas legislators need your prayers for wisdom and courage as we lead into the future. 

I am honored to represent you in the Texas House of Representatives.  If my staff or I can be of assistance to you, please let us know. 

For Texas,

I was honored to present 8-year-old Zachery Cousin with a resolution and flag flown over the Capitol which recognized him for his heroic actions in saving his family from a bad wreck.  A tornado in Canton flipped their car several times (full story here).  He's quite a kid!

Enjoying a light moment on the House floor with my colleagues as we discuss legislation. 

I'm always grateful when my family is able to join me at the Capitol for a day.

Both my Austin and district staff are thrilled to be able to serve you in the Texas House of Representatives.