Michael Lohman

A child was bitten by a venomous snake at a Longview soccer field this past Sunday! According to the Greater Longview Soccer Association, on Monday, 10-year-old Michael Lohman, was bitten by a water moccasin while playing in the creek area at the Lear Soccer Complex.
He seems to be doing as well as can be expected. He will remain in the hospital until his doctors feel the venom has run it’s course.
I'm Jason Smith, the news director here at KMOO.
I know this is out of our listening area, but it brings to mind something everyone in the South needs to know! We share God’s country with many other forms of life. And yes, that includes snakes! I’m sure you’ve all heard the expression, “The only good snake, is a dead snake”! In truth, most of the snakes we come in contact with are harmless. However, in the minds of most people, every snake is venomous! in most cases snakes are incorrectly identified. But even if you are an expert when it comes to snakes, doctors do not have the luxury of taking your word about what kind of snake it was that bit you or your loved one!
If you ever learn anything from me, I pray it is this… If you or anyone you know gets bitten by a snake, PLEASE, grab a cell phone and have someone else stay behind long enough to take some clear pictures of that snake while the victim is being transported to the hospital!!! Typically, without these pictures, antivenom WILL NOT be administered! The administration of the wrong kind of antivenom, is FAR WORSE than letting the venom of the original bite to run it’s course!
Better yet, make sure you and those you love are mindful of the possibility of snakes near wood and brush piles, and in un-mowed areas, especially near water! Avoid those encounters whenever possible!
Enjoy nature, but be smart about it!