Tyler Pounds Regional Airport posted a 14.9 percent increase in passenger boardings for 2013.  The airport recorded 85,069 passengers in 2013 verses 74,019 passengers in 2012. 

Additionally, airport rental car businesses have shown impressive increases with records indicating the on-site airport rental car companies leasing 13,189 cars as of November 2013 compared to 11,457 cars for the entire year of 2012, with December’s numbers expected to be reported on January 20. Private aviation activities have also grown in 2013, with increased aviation fuel sales up 24 percent from 2012.

“I believe that more and more people are realizing the convenience of using Tyler Pounds Regional Airport,” said Airport Manager Davis Dickson.  “We are seeing very competitive airfares out of Tyler and people are jumping on them.  In fact, some fares are less from Tyler than driving to the major hub airports.  A good travel tip to save money is to book your flight direct from TYR to your destination.  Check with your travel agent or travel website and use the three-letter code TYR for Tyler Pounds Regional Airport.”

“Airport records are showing passengers coming from as far as 100 miles away to use our regional airport,” said Tyler Mayor Barbara Bass.  “I think competitive airfares, all jet service, convenient parking and less stress are just some of the reasons to Fly Tyler.”  

The airport offers a number of services to help passengers manage their time when flying from Tyler.  The airport hosts a mobile web site providing up-to-the-minute real-time flight status and schedules along with free Wi-Fi for customers needing Internet while waiting for their flights.

Tyler recently implemented a new parking rewards program called the Fly TYR Club.  Passengers earn free parking rewards by accumulating points for every trip they book leaving TYR to their destination. For more information and to sign up for the program, go to www.flytyr.com, and click on the link “Fly TYR Club.” Customers will earn 100 points just for signing up and will earn 100 additional points for every departure from Tyler Pounds Regional Airport.  For every 200 points earned, the member will receive one free day of parking in the long-term parking lot at the airport as well as other free airport parking opportunities.