Wood County Sheriff’s Office

Sheriff’s Report

02/05//14 through 02/11/14


February 5

Sgt. Chris Turner responded to an address on CR 3540 for a report of criminal mischief. The complainant stated that unknown person(s) broke out approximately six windows at her barn and damaged three deer feeders and one deer stand. The estimate of total damages is $830. This case has been forwarded for investigation.


February 6

Deputy Brad Cates was dispatched to CR 3836 for a disturbance and arrived to find EMS on scene attending to a male victim who was conscious but not completely coherent. Cates spoke with the victim’s brother who stated the injured man had gotten into a physical altercation with a friend of his. According to the brother, the suspect had already left the scene and he did not know the identity of the man. The witness further stated that he heard the commotion and came into the room to find his brother unconscious of the floor. Cates was unable to question the victim due to his injuries. The man was transported to the hospital by EMS. This case remains under investigation.


Lt. Robert Holland took a scam report from a man who resides on CR 4592. According to the man he received a phone call from someone representing themselves as being with Publishers Clearing House. The complainant was informed he had won $500,000 and representatives of PCH would be traveling from Dallas to present him with a check. The caller was able to give considerable detail about PCH and eventually conned the man out of over $650, saying the money was needed to cover travel expenses.  The complainant was able to provide a phone number from which the calls originated and Lt. Holland determined the origin of the calls to be Jamaica.


Deputy Austin Cryer was dispatched to FM 69 in reference to the theft of a 5th wheel trailer. The complainant stated that her 2004 Cherokee travel trailer was missing from her property. According to the woman, the trailer had been parked since 2004 and the tires were dry rotted. Cryer was able to photograph tracks from the trailer’s original location to where the trailer entered FM 69. Pictures of the trailer were obtained and the case has been forwarded to investigations.


February 7

Deputies Donivan South and Terri Altman were dispatched to a residence on Hwy 80 in reference to a dog in very poor condition that was tied to a tree. Upon arrival, the deputies observed a medium sized dog that was extremely emaciated. Contact was made with the dog’s owner who stated the dog was being fed three times daily but seemed unable to gain weight. The owner was advised to take the dog for medical evaluation and the owner readily agreed. A short time later, the owner called to say the veterinarian had diagnosed the dog with worms and  had given her medication for treatment.


Sgts. Josh O’Grady and William Burge made contact with the residents of a home on PR 5883 in reference to a stolen vehicle. At the scene, O’Grady observed a female subject he knew to have an active warrant for theft of property >$1,500 <$20,000.  Hannah Kathryn Gilbert, 20, of Grapevine was taken into custody. O’Grady also observed a male subject he knew to have an outstanding warrant for theft of copper as well as a blue warrant. Before he could be taken into custody, the man bolted out the back door of the residence. The man was apprehended several hundred yards from the residence. Jesse James Wallace, 27, of Yantis was taken into custody on the outstanding warrants. Both subjects were transported to jail where Wallace was also charged with evading arrest.


February 8

Deputy Kevin Atkinson took a report of criminal trespass from a complainant on FM 2225 who stated that he returned home from work to find his front door kicked in. The complainant further stated that he did not observe any signs of entry or missing items. Information was recorded regarding a suspect and the case was forwarded for additional investigation.


Deputy David Hitt took a theft report from a complainant on FM 69 who stated that sometime in the past three days someone had stolen four game cameras, valued at $100 each, from his back yard. Items of evidentiary value were collected at the scene and the case was turned over to an investigator.


Deputies Terri Altman and Donivan South were dispatched to a residence on CR 2840 for a theft report. According to the complainant, a VCR and some women’s clothing were missing from her residence. The complainant provided information about a possible suspect, a woman who had been staying at the residence for the past three weeks. This case is now in the hands of an investigator.


February 9

A total of 18 calls were answered by deputies on this day including a report of an abandoned vehicle, one report of criminal mischief, and two alarm calls.


February 10

Deputy Dustin Moffett was dispatched to Jarvis Christian College shortly after 3:00 am in response to an assault. The victim stated she had been assaulted by the father of her unborn child following a verbal altercation. The suspect was no longer at the location and could not be located on campus. The victim stated that she did not sustain any visible injuries from the assault. A family violence packet was completed and the case was forwarded for additional investigation.


Sgt. Chris Turner took an assault report from a female complainant who resides on CR 2167. According to the woman, she had been assaulted by a female acquaintance. The woman stated that she had opened her front door after hearing knocking and a woman screaming. The woman was recognized as being a female whom she had allowed to stay at her home for a few nights. Upon opening the door to confront the woman, the complainant was kicked in the chest multiple times and punched by an unknown male before both attackers sped off in a car. The complainant was checked out by EMS and cleared of severe injuries. This case is now in the hands of an investigator.


February 11

Deputy Austin Cryer took a report of an assault from a complainant on CR 3120 who stated that her daughter-in-law had assaulted her by knocking her to the floor and attempting to pull her into the garage by pulling on her hair. The woman was visibly shaken and had bleeding wounds on the backs of her hands. According to the victim, the woman had left the residence only when her husband left in an attempt to call for help. Speaking with the victim’s son, who was also the suspect’s husband, deputies learned that he too, had been assaulted by the woman. Photographs of the woman’s injuries were taken at the scene as well as photographs showing blood and long hair in the floor supporting the complainant’s version of events. This case has been turned over to investigations.


Deputy Steven Fields took a report of theft from a woman who stated her daughter’s iPhone 5c was stolen from her gym bag during a game at Yantis High School. The woman also stated that the theft had been reported to the school but as of yet no phone has been found. This case was forwarded to CID and remains under investigation.



CID Summary

Sgt. Josh O’Grady recovered a vehicle in the Yantis area that was stolen from the Dallas area. During the recovery, one subject was arrested on outstanding warrants. Another wanted subject was arrested after a short chase and a charge of evading arrest was added. Sgt. O’Grady continues to work on multiple burglaries which have occurred in the Yantis area. Several suspects have been identified and arrests are expected.


Captain Miles Tucker closed once case with a referral to juvenile probation. Two burglaries were cleared with warrants expected in the near future. Tucker also located a stolen camper in the Alba area.


Sgt. Brian Andrews closed seven cases and had one vehicle recovery.


Call Summary

Abandoned Vehicle (2)

Accident Minor (1)

Agency Assist (7)

Alarm (12)

Animal General (9)

Assault (4)

Assault by Contact (5)

ATV on Roadway (1)

Burglary of a Habitation (1)

Child Abuse (7)

Child Custody (2)

Civil (1)

Cows Out (5)

Criminal Mischief (5)

Criminal Trespass (7)

Cruelty of Animals (1)

Dispute (2)

Disturbance (6)

Dog Problem (8)

Dumping (1)

Estray (1)

Evading Arrest (1)

Explosion (1)

Harassment (2)

Horses Out (3)

Incident (7)

Information (1)

Inquest (1)

Juvenile Dispute (1)

Lost Property (1)

Medical Emergency (1)

Mental (1)

Noise Disturbance (2)

Other (1)

Overdose (1)

Phone Harassment (3)

Pornography (1)

Prowler (1)

Public Assist (1)

Recovered Property (1)

Request to Speak to Officer (8)

Runaway (1)

Scam (3)

Search Warrant (1)

Sexual Assault of a Child (1)

Shots Fired (1)

Structure Fire (2)

Suspicious Activity (1)

Suspicious Vehicle (2)

Terroristic Threat (1)

Theft (6)

Traffic Stop (4)

Transport (2)

Vehicle Blocking Roadway (1)

Violation of Protective Order (1)

Warrants (5)

Welfare Check (2)


Total Calls                  160

Call Summary by Area

Alba                   12

Hawkins             37

Mineola              38

Quitman             40

Winnsboro         24

Yantis                 9


Current Jail Population      109

Males          93                                                                                                            Females      16

Bookings    32

Releases     34