Wood County Sheriff’s Office

Sheriff’s Report

03/05/14 through 03/11/14


March 5

Deputy Tony Ingram was dispatched to a rental property on CR 4740 in reference to a burglary of a habitation. The property owner reported that several items were discovered missing from the home including a black corner tub, a hot water heater, stove and all components of the air conditioning unit. The owner further stated he was last at the residence two months prior and could not be certain how recently the items were taken. The total value of the missing items is $11,500. This case has been referred to CID for additional investigation.


Deputy Steven Fields was dispatched to CR 4960 where two brothers reported their deceased mother’s residence had been broken into and copper wiring and tubing was missing throughout the house. According to the brothers, most everything of value had already been removed from the house prior to the burglary. The point of entry into the home was discovered to be a broken glass on the back door which allowed the suspect to manually unlock the door. A shed, located in back of the residence, was also entered by pushing open a small window. A pipe wrench and various small hand tools were missing from the shed. Deputy Fields’ report, along with photographs taken at the scene, was forwarded to investigations.


Deputy Aaron Warren was dispatched to the U-Haul dealer on Hwy 80 in reference to theft of fuel. According to the complainant, one of the trucks on the lot was discovered to have approximately ¼ less fuel than when the truck was parked on the lot. Evidence that the fuel had been siphoned was discovered nearby. The case has been forwarded and remains under investigation.

March 6

Deputy Tony Ingram took a report from a complainant who resides on Hwy 154 who stated her debit card had been used for two online purchases, totaling over $330, without her consent. The complainant was able to get one of the charges reversed but had so far been unsuccessful in getting the second charge credited back to her account. Information was recorded regarding the shipping destination for the merchandise for the second charge and the case was turned over to an investigator.


Deputy Austin Cryer initiated a traffic stop at SH 37 and CR 4730 after observing a vehicle with a defective license plate light. Making contact with the vehicle’s driver, Cryer immediately observed an open container of alcohol inside the vehicle. A routine check of the man’s driver’s license showed two active suspensions. Jesus J. Gutierrez, 42, of Hawkins was arrested onsite for driving while license invalid and was transported to jail without incident. He was issued a citation for the open container of alcohol.


March 7

Deputy Justin Wallis took a report of burglary of a building from a complainant who stated that he had discovered four of his storage buildings, located on SH 154, had been broken into. The rental units, used for boat storage, had been entered after suspects cut the locks. The tenants were contacted and advised of the burglary and asked to submit a list of missing items. Items of evidentiary value were collected near the scene and turned over to an investigator. This case remains under investigation.


Deputy Terri Altman took a report of credit card abuse from a complainant who resides on CR 3875 who stated someone had used her Best Buy credit card for an online purchase totaling over $160. The woman had already contacted Best Buy and successfully stopped shipment of the package. The complainant was also able to provide a name and address to which the merchandise was to be shipped. This case has been assigned to an investigator.


Deputy Terri Altman was dispatched to CR 2150 in reference to an assault which had just occurred. According to the victim, she was assaulted by her boyfriend who hit her in the head for no reason. The woman also claimed the man grabbed her by the neck and pushed her to the couch. The woman had visible signs of the assault. The suspect, who had left the residence, was located by Lt. Robert Holland and Sgt. William Burge and brought back to the scene. Although the man claimed he was assaulted by the woman, he had no visible injuries. Aaron Forrest, 30, of Quitman, was arrested for the offense of assault causes bodily injury, and was transported to jail.


Sgt. William Burge took a report of identity theft from a complainant who resides on Raton Pass at Holly Lake Ranch who stated he had discovered someone else was using his social security number when he attempted to electronically file his tax return with the IRS. The complainant spoke with an IRS agent who advised him the IRS would eventually look in to the matter. An incident report was completed for documentation purposes.

March 8

Deputy Dustin Moffett took a report of burglary of a building at Holy Ghost Central Church. According to the reporting party, he discovered a small storage building behind the church had been broken into. Despite several items being relocated inside the building, nothing was deemed to be missing. Moffett observed evidence of the door being pried open and photographs were taken of damage the door sustained. This case has been forwarded to an investigator.


Deputies Dustin Moffett and Kevin Atkinson were dispatched to CR 3457 at 1:30 AM after a 911 call reporting an assault in progress was abruptly disconnected. Deputies arrived to find a woman, visibly upset and crying, who stated she had been hit in the stomach with a door knob after a member of the household forced open the door to the bedroom where she had retreated to call for help. The woman, who claimed to be pregnant, also stated the man grabbed the phone from her after forcing his way in to the bedroom. When questioned about the incident, the suspect admitted forcing his way through the door but denied knowledge of the door striking the woman. He also admitted taking the phone away but claimed he did not believe her when she stated she was calling 911. Freddy Earl Blaylock, Jr., 35, of Tyler was arrested for the offense of assault causes bodily injury and was transported to jail.


Deputy Terri Altman was dispatched to a structure fire on Pine Wood Cove at Holly Lake Ranch and arrived to find the fire department on scene battling the blaze which had engulfed a large brick home. Altman spoke with the owners of the home who stated the fireplace, which had been in use since early morning, suddenly began pouring out heavy smoke. Several visitors to the residence, along with the family pets, were ushered out of the home to safety. The fire was eventually contained but not before consuming all but the bottom garage. An incident report was completed for documentation purposes.


March 9

Deputy Terri Altman was dispatched to CR 3846 in reference to a dispute and arrived to find two men arguing over a pickup which was the subject of a sales contract between the two. According to the men, each had shoved the other at some point during the confrontation. Deputy Altman took voluntary written statements from each man and the case has been forwarded to investigations.


Deputy Justin Wallis was dispatched to CR 4660 in reference to a burglary. The complainant, who resides out of the county, advised that he arrived at the property after a two week absence to find that the outside air conditioning unit had been stolen from the rear of the residence. The man also stated he found both doors to his outbuilding standing open and a Husqvarna lawn mower and two rolls or barbed wired missing from inside. This case was forwarded to CID and remains under investigation.


Deputy Terri Altman was dispatched to CR 3496 in reference to a theft. According to the complainant, a lock was cut on the front compartment of his work trailer in order that a chainsaw and two red gas cans could be removed. The trailer was parked near the man’s residence at the time of the theft. Information was recorded about a possible suspect and the case was forwarded for additional investigation.

March 10

Deputy Tony Ingram took a theft report from a complainant who stated 2,000 gallons of red farm diesel, valued at $6,720 and a $75 AM/FM radio were missing from a job site on CR 3590. According to the man, the fuel was taken from a bulk storage tank located on a trailer at the site. This case remains under investigation.

March 11

Sgt. Chris Turner took a report of criminal mischief from a complainant at CR 2110 and CR 2112 who stated the rear window of her Ford Explorer was broken out sometime during the night. Turner observed the entire window to be busted with glass inside the vehicle. The complainant stated the vehicle had been left unlocked overnight and no items appeared to be missing from inside. The estimated repair cost for the window is $500. This case was forwarded for additional investigation.

CID Summary

Call Summary

Abandoned Vehicle (1)

Agency Assist (4)

Alarm (11)

Assault (2)

ATV on Roadway (1)

Burglary of a Building (2)

Burglary of a Habitation (2)

Child Abuse (3)

Child Custody (3)

Child Endangerment (1)

Civil (8)

Cows Out (2)

Credit Card Abuse (3)

Criminal Mischief (4)

Criminal Trespass (2)

Cruelty of Animals (1)

Dispute (1)

Disturbance (4)

Dog Problem (14)

Domestic Disturbance (2)

Found Property (1)

Funeral Escort (1)

Gunshot (3)

Harassment (1)

Horses Out (2)

Hospice Death (1)

Identity Theft (2)

Incident (3)

Information (2)

Inquest (1)

Interference (1)

Motorist Assist (1)

Noise Disturbance (4)

Open Door (1)

Other (3)

Phone Harassment (1)

Public Intoxication (1)

Reckless Driver (4)

Request to Speak to Officer (12)

Scam (1)

Search Warrant (1)

Sexual Assault of a Child (2)

Shots Fired (2)

Structure Fire (1)

Suspicious Activity (6)

Suspicious Person (1)

Suspicious Vehicle (2)

Tampering (1)

Terroristic Threat (4)

Theft (7)

Theft of Copper (2)

Traffic Stop (19)

Transport (2)

Warrants (4)

Welfare Check (2)


Total Calls      171


Call Summary by Area

Alba                11

Hawkins          38

Mineola          33

Quitman          42

Winnsboro      29

Yantis              18



Current Jail Population            96

Males       78                                                                                                               Females    18

Bookings     25

Releases      34