A Tyler man has been arrested for Aggravated Assault with a deadly weapon after firing a gunshot during a bicycle ride.

Monday at 4:50 PM, Tyler Police were called to 300 E Grande in response to an aggravated assault. Upon arrival, Police learned Jack Stinnett was riding a bicycle on the sidewalk on E Grande when he approached two other people, Michael Bojorquez and David Harris, who were also using the sidewalk. Stinnett then yelled at the men as he was approaching telling them that he was driving by. They moved out of his way but also yelled back at him as he passed by.   Jack Stinnett continued riding and at some point turned around and approached the two again. This time they observed that he was approaching so they moved over. The three began arguing again from about 10 yards away. Jack Stinnett then stopped and got off of his bicycle. Jack Stinnett stated that he felt threatened by the two unarmed individuals so he drew a small caliber revolver and fired one shot at them.

After investigating this scene, officers arrested Jack Stinnett for Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon.