Courtesy of Piney Woods Regional Advisory Council

East Texas emergency responders will participate in a multi-jurisdictional, full-scale exercise Nov.6-8.

“It is the opportunity for all aspects of our emergency management systems to work together to display the response activities in the event of a large scale incident in our area,” said Beth Powell, with the Piney Woods Regional Advisory Council. “We have worked on this event for over a year. More than 60 entities will participate including the American Red Cross, fire departments, police departments, hospitals, EMS providers, Regional Advisory Council Trauma Service Area Regions F and G, EMTF Region 4 and the East Texas Council of Governments.”

The multi-day exercise will involve 400 to 500 participants and will showcase a wide variety of response functions. Scenarios will include: a structural collapse, a tornado, an active shooter, a dam break, wide area search and rescue, medical operations response and medical special needs sheltering. Some exercises will be focused on first responder training on location and others will include moving patients from one hospital to another via ambulance, helicopter or Ambus. Moving patients in this way will test tracking system used when people are transported from an emergency incident. This exercise will assess communications and response at all levels in the region including communication lines between first responders, transport options, shelter and hospital admission systems. The Operational Command structures will all be activated at the local, regional and state levels.

The Zumro Mobile Medical Unit will be set up in Tyler for the first time. The Zumro is funded as part of the Emergency Medical Task force program grant. The Zumro is a 16 bed hospital shelter, available to deploy both in our region and the state as part of this program.

The funding for this exercise is provided through grants to local jurisdictions which include state grants, Hospital Preparedness Program, Emergency Medical Task Force and East Texas Council of Governments.