An Alba mother is conveying a message to the public while her baby is home recovering from a near death experience.

Trista Byron, mother of 7-month-old Taelynn Byron, says she is telling her story so other mothers can prevent the same thing from happening to their families.

"I want other mothers to realize not everyone is who they say they are. This guy was so good to Tae," said Byron.

On Sunday November 11 Trista and her boyfriend were at home with Taelynn and Trista's younger cousin. On what Trista describes as a lazy afternoon, she left for a short trip to the store alone and came home to a nightmare.

"Around 4 p.m. I decided to go get hamburger meat from the dollar store to cook dinner," said Byron. "Tae had just eaten a bottle and I layed her down in her crib. My boyfriend said he would stay home with the girls while I ran to the store so I did that I even called checked on the girls, Tae was still asleep."

When Trista returned home her boufriend opened the door with Taelynn in his arms.

"He said he dropped her," said Byron. "[Taelynn] didn't look alive at all. She wasn't moving and was limp."

Trista said her boyfriend asked her to take Taelynn to the emergency room instead of calling 911. When she insisted on calling for help he asked if she would say she was home at the time of the incident.

"When the ambulance arrived we were rushed to Quitman ER," said Byron. "They did an MRI and said we needed to get her to Children's Medical Center in Dallas."

Taelynn was airlifted to Dallas.

"Her heart rate was dropping when we got there and she was put in ICU," said Byron.

Taelynn had suffered three broken ribs, bleeding In her retina, bleeding around the brain, a bruise on the brain, and a fractured skull. Taelynn was released from the hospital the following Friday.

Taelynn has brain damge on the left side of her brain.

"Since she so young they are hoping the rest of the brain picks up the slack," Byron said. "There is still bleeding. We just have to watch her because there could be long term damage. It's an every day thing we will have to deal with."

Trista says after an investigation by Child Protective Services she was toldĀ  they believe Taelynn is safe with her mother.

"He made me believe he was good to her," Byron said."He has two girls of his own. Not everyone is who they say they are."