Released by State Rep. Dan Flynn

Representative Dan Flynn (R-Van) recently announced his readiness for the upcoming 83rd Legislative Session and additional support initiatives for District 2. "With the many pressing issues that will be discussed during the legislative session, it is important to be as available to the constituents of the district as possible," Representative Flynn stated Thursday evening.  

To support close contact with the district, Representative Flynn has announced that long time veteran, District Director, Janice Melton will be available daily at the Canton office for constituent calls from any county in the district. She can be reached at 903-567-0921, or via fax at 903-567-0923. "Janice has a wealth of experience with the concerns of the district and I am honored to have her in the Canton office" said Representative Flynn.

In addition, the Greenville office has been relocated to 2608 Eastland Avenue and will be opening soon. David Erinakes, Representative Flynn's current Chief of Staff, will be available in Greenville or Sulphur Springs on Fridays during the earlier part of the legislative session. He will be looking to meet individually with constituents and local leaders who have issues they would like addressed. David has an extensive business background and familiarity with both Chambers of the Texas Legislature. The 83rd session will be his second session serving Representative Flynn as Chief of Staff. He can be contacted at 512-463-0880 for an appointment or any individual concerns.

The newest addition to the staff is Amanda Robertson, Legislative Director, who is currently located in the Capitol office. Her experience as a staffer during the 82nd session allows her to bring a wealth of knowledge concerning Hopkins county and the district. She can also be reached at 512-463-0880. "I am fortunate to have such skilled and experienced staff available to support the district and I believe their efforts will ensure close coordination between me and my constituents during this upcoming legislative session" said Representative Flynn. "I am honored to continue to serve as a representative of the people of House District 2. I look forward to representing their needs as we move through tough legislative issues such as, healthcare, education, water and the budget." The 83rd Legislative session begins January 8th, 2013.