Released by Lindale ISD

Lindale Independent School District students in grades three-through-eight exceeded the new state testing averages for STAAR (State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness).

The Texas Education Agency recently released the passing standards for STAAR. The new state assessment replaced TAKS (Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills) and was first administered to students in spring 2012. Lindale student averages in grades three-through-eight were higher than the state averages in each of the testing categories of reading, math, writing, science and social studies.

“I am proud to say that our students performed at a very high level,” Lindale ISD Superintendent Stan Surratt said. “Lindale ISD has the reputation of having an exemplary academic standard and the performance level of our students certainly supports this reputation.

Our students did an excellent job on STAAR. LISD was well above the state average at every level in every tested subject.  A great deal of credit should be given to our teachers for their hard work and dedication.”

STAAR measures a student’s preparedness to advance to the next grade as well as their college and career readiness.

In reading, 89 percent of Lindale third-graders passed the test compared to 76 percent for the state.  Ninety percent of Lindale fourth-graders passed compared to 77 percent for the state.  Eighty-seven percent of fifth-graders passed versus the states 77 percent. Lindale sixth-graders had a passing percentage of 91, higher than the states 75 percent.  Seventh-graders passed at a rate of 90 percent and eighth-graders at a rate of 92 percent.

Only Texas fourth and seventh grade students took the writing test.  Seventy-four percent of Lindale fourth-graders passed compared to the states 71 percent and 88 percent of seventh-graders passed versus the states 71 percent.

The science test was only administered to fifth-and-eighth graders.  Seventy-nine percent of Lindale fifth-graders passed and 87 percent of eighth-graders.

Eighth-graders were the only students to take the social studies test and the state passing average was 59 percent. Lindale’s eighth-grade passing percentage was 79 percent.

Finally in math, Lindale students passed at a percentage of 83 up to 98 percent.  The states averages were between 68 and 77 percent. Lindale eighth-graders had the highest passing percentage at 98 percent.

Surratt said there was some anxiousness in the district with the new test, but the results indicate Lindale students and teachers handled the pressure.

“Our teachers and students had a great deal of anxiety over this new state assessment,” Surratt said.  “It was a tougher test and passing percentages were lower across the state. I am very pleased with Lindale’s results. Our teachers go the extra mile to help ensure that every student finds success.”