U.S. Congressman Jeb Hensarling will host a town hall meeting in Mineola Tuesday to discuss the what Hensarling calls a continued need to cut wasteful Washington spending and set America back on a fiscal path that will enable the economy to grow and create jobs with the citizens of Wood County.

Hensarling said, “Our nation is at a crossroads. East Texans know that the greatest threat to the American economy is the American debt crisis—the worst in our history. I am committed to putting America back on the road to economic growth and job creation by putting an end to Washington’s job-destroying spending spree,” Hensarling added.
Hensarling will discuss some of the actions taken by House Republicans to cut wasteful spending, reduce Washington red-tape, and restore confidence and certainty to job creators so they can hire new workers and create jobs.
The discussion will be held at 10:00am at Mineola City Hall.