U.S. Congressman Jeb Hensarling held town hall meetings in Canton and Mineola Tuesday to discuss with constituents how policies in Washington are challenging economic recovery.
“Historically, our nation's economy has grown around three percent annually. Under President Obama's economic policies, the new normal has become around two percent," said Hensarling. "American’s paychecks are shrinking and job security is waning. While our nation's spending driven debt crisis and the threat of higher taxes are holding back growth, job creators are also burdened by Obamacare, out of control Washington regulations, and our nation's convoluted and voluminous tax code."
The Congressman said one way to give working Americans greater economic opportunity and their children a brighter future is to quit spending money "we don’t have", institute pro-growth tax reform, and reform entitlement programs.
"That is why I was proud to vote for the House Republican budget passed two weeks ago," said Hensarling. "In addition to addressing our spending-driven debt by balancing, it provides us with a fairer, flatter, simpler, and more competitive tax code by removing special interest loopholes and deductions which will help bring us a vibrant economy. This coupled with meaningful reforms to strengthen our entitlement programs for current retirees and save them for future generations will allow us to preserve the blessings of liberty and opportunity for future generations."
The Congressman told constituents that getting the fiscal house in order is merely the first step in securing the blessings of liberty and the American Dream for future generations.  
“We need a real economic plan that will allow employers to enlarge paychecks and expand payrolls with pro-growth economic policies such as repealing Obamacare, and stopping the onslaught of senseless red tape coming from unelected Washington bureaucrats, who are currently running wild under the Obama Administration.  For instance, our nation is experiencing an energy boom that is increasing domestic production and creating good-paying jobs.  But environmental extremists are seeking excessive and burdensome regulation by the Environmental Protection Agency that  could turn this energy boom into an energy bust.  That’s why I strongly support the Regulations from the Executive In Need of Scrutiny (REINS) Act, which would require congressional approval for proposed major regulations – those costing more than $100 million – instead of the current process where regulations go into effect unless both the House of Representatives and the United States Senate both vote to overturn it.  The REINS Act will ensure that the people’s elected representatives – not unelected bureaucrats in Washington – have the final word on the regulatory burden placed on the American economy and job creators."
Hensarling concluded each meeting by saying that Americans want paychecks, not more unemployment checks.
“We need a federal government that will work with the private sector to create private sector jobs, not load more government bureaucrats on its back. Government must open opportunities, not smother them; foster productivity, not stifle it. When Washington stops threatening and punishing the job creators I have no doubt our economy will come roaring back.”