Wood County Sheriff’s Office

Sheriff’s Report

06/13/13 through 6/19/13


June 13

Sgt. Tim Baucom arrested Randall Todd Greenough, 50, Yantis for possession of a controlled substance, penalty group one, more than one gram, less than four grams. Baucom observed Greenough standing on the shoulder of FM 515 in the early morning hours and stopped to check his welfare. The deputy was able to see drug paraphernalia in plain view protruding from Greenough’s shirt pocket. He was also found to be in possession of a substance that field tested positive for methamphetamine. Greenough was transported to jail without incident.


Lt. Robert Holland was dispatched to a residence on Clearwater Trail at Holly Lake Ranch after a woman called to report that she was being harassed by her son-in-law. At the woman’s request, a Criminal Trespass Warning was issued to the woman’s son-in-law for her property.


June 14

Deputy Steven Fields was dispatched to an address on CR 4805 for a burglary of a building. Fields was advised by the property’s caretaker that the front door had been kicked open and two window air conditioning units were missing. Upon inspection of the property, it was discovered that a microwave oven and television were also missing. A window was also found to be broken on a shed directly behind the home, but nothing appeared to be missing. Photographs were taken at the scene and forwarded to an investigator.


Deputy Austin Cryer took a report from a complainant on CR 3275 who stated that he believed an errant rifle round had broken a window at his residence. The man was unsure of when the damage had occurred but believed it to be within the last week. The man also stated that he occasionally hears shooting in the distance and was not interested in pursuing charges but simply wanted a report of the incident made. This case is closed.


Deputy Heath Richardson responded to CR 3440 in response to a report of a pedestrian in the roadway. Richardson arrived to find a male subject lying in the middle of the county road and upon approaching the man noticed that he did not appear to have visible injuries. The deputy had difficulty getting the man’s attention but was eventually able to get the man to his feet. The deputy was informed by the man that he had been camping at Lake Hawkins with friends and had become upset and began walking down the county road. The man also admitted to consuming alcoholic beverages and stated that he did not know how he arrived at the location where he was found. Austin Brandt Mathews, 17, of Gladewater was arrested for public intoxication and transported to jail without incident.


June 15

Deputy Josh O’Grady was dispatched to the carwash in Alba for a welfare check after it was reported that a man was slumped over the steering wheel of a car. O’Grady arrived to find a man asleep in a passenger car at the location with an open container of alcohol. The deputy asked for, and was granted, permission to search the vehicle. Based on items located in the vehicle, Evan R. Ellis, 27, of Winnsboro was arrested for the offense of possession of a controlled substance, penalty group one, more than one gram, less than four grams.


Deputy Austin Cryer took a burglary of a habitation report from an address on CR 3689. The complainant stated that while he has lived at the residence off and on, he currently resides in another town and was last at this location nine days earlier. The man stated he had returned to the property to find multiple items missing from inside and outside the residence. The missing items include two hog traps, lumber, deer stands, shingles, three 55 gallon plastic drums, an electric pump, two chain saws, multiple small electric tools, and various sporting apparel. Deputy Cryer recorded information regarding a pickup seen on the property during the man’s absence. The case has been forwarded to CID for the development of leads.


Sgt. Sam Threadgill took a phone report from a man who stated that he had noticed several items missing from his home and he believed they were taken while he and his girlfriend were away from the residence for a period of four hours visiting his mother who also resides on the same property. Missing from the home was approximately $300 cash in paper and coins, a metal box containing miscellaneous paperwork and a set of wedding rings valued at $150. Information was recorded regarding a possible suspect and the case was turned over to an investigator.


Deputy Austin Cryer responded to a disturbance call at the Silver Leaf Resort at Holly Lake Ranch. The male complainant stated that he had taken his girlfriend’s juvenile son for a ride in a golf cart and upon their return had gotten into a verbal altercation with the woman. According to the man, he was struck in the nose by the woman’s fist and when he attempted to use his land-line phone to call for help, the woman responded by ripping the phone cord from the wall. The man also stated that the woman grabbed a steak knife and slashed at him when he attempted to exit the residence. Cryer was able to observe evidence at the scene that supported the man’s story. Marilyn Gail Durham, 47, of Hawkins was arrested for the offense of aggravated assault, family violence and interference with an emergency call and was transported to jail and booked without incident. The woman’s juvenile son was released to a family member at the mother’s request.


June 16

Deputy Dustin Moffett was dispatched to an address on FM 182 in reference to a possible motor vehicle accident. Moffett met with the complainant who stated he lived nearby and was outside his residence when he heard a loud, crashing noise that he identified as a car wreck. The complainant further stated that he drove around looking for the source of the noise but was unable to locate a vehicle in the area but did locate a concrete fence with damage consistent with being struck by a vehicle. Contact was made with the owner of the property where the damage occurred who wished for an incident report to be made. This case is closed.


June 17

Deputy Brad Cates was dispatched to the intersection of CR 1695 and 1698 for an abandoned vehicle that was reported to have been in the area for several days. Cates arrived to find a faded maroon 1990 GMC Dually parked to the side of CR 1695. Upon checking the truck’s registration, Cates was informed that the truck was stolen out of Lamar County. A vehicle inventory was completed and the truck was towed by a wrecker service.


Deputy David Hitt was dispatched to an address on a private road in the Winnsboro area for a report of criminal mischief. The complainant advised that a male acquaintance had become upset over something he saw on her i-phone and threw it down onto the tile floor breaking the glass on both sides. According to the complainant, the man continued to yell and scream so she got her car keys, left the residence and went to the man’s parent’s house. The man followed her there and continued the argument. The woman stated that when she attempted to leave, the man struck her car with his hand, causing a dent to the passenger side door. The woman was able to call for help after she arrived at the home of a family member. Photographs were taken of the damage. This case is currently suspended awaiting damage estimates.


June 18

Deputy Kevin Atkinson attempted to initiate a traffic stop in the early morning hours on a pickup observed driving on FM 1643 with a non-functioning  headlamp. Atkinson observed the pickup turn onto a county road and followed. He then observed the pickup pull behind a residence located on CR 4930. Atkinson made contact with a woman who had exited the residence after hearing a loud noise and informed her that the noise she heard was the pickup crashing into a burn barrel behind the residence. Atkinson also noted that the crashed pickup was indeed the truck he had attempted to stop and that the pickup was now unoccupied. The woman, and a friend who was also at the residence, both stated they did not recognize the truck or know who it might belong to. A wrecker was notified and an inventory of the truck performed. Four rifles were discovered in the truck – one of which was discovered to be stolen out of Grand Prairie. Atkinson also found documents in the truck bearing a possible identity of the driver. Atkinson took custody of the guns and released the truck to a wrecker service. This case is now under investigation by CID.


June 19

Sgt. Sam Threadgill was dispatched to the Holy Spirit Catholic Church on FM 2869 for a report of criminal mischief. The complainant advised that she had noticed a small window broken out on one of the rear doors. Threadgill noted that it appeared as though someone had broken the window in an attempt to gain entry into the church but was unsuccessful. The complainant stated that no items were noticed missing from inside. Threadgill requested extra patrol for the area and photographed the damage. An incident report was made and the case was closed.




CID Summary

On Friday, June 14, investigators responded to a burglary located on CR 2427. Investigators obtained information and followed up that morning. Investigators were able to recover all property stolen as well as obtain a warrant for the suspect. Aaron Johnson, 20, of Mt. Pleasant, was arrested for the burglary and transported to jail on the warrant for burglary of a habitation.


On Monday June 17, investigators executed a search warrant on Hwy 80 east of Mineola. Investigators located over 30 grams of methamphetamine, 15 mature marijuana plants as well as prescription narcotics. Also located were a firearm, packaging material, scales and ledgers. Daniel Ray Flores, 51, of Mineola, was arrested and charged with two felonies as well as misdemeanor and transported to the Wood County Jail.


On Thursday, June 20, investigators closed a burglary case in Mineola at Lake Brenda. $8,000 cash, as well as firearms were taken from the residence. Warrants are pending on the suspect.


Call Summary


Abandoned Vehicle (1)

Accident Minor (1)

Agency Assist (8)

Alarm (9)

Animal General (2)

Assault (1)

Assault by Contact (1)

ATV on Roadway (2)

Burglary of a Building (2)

Burglary of a Habitation (4)

Child Abuse (1)

Child Custody (1)

Civil (7)

Cows Out (10)

Criminal Mischief (8)

Criminal Trespass (3)

Cruelty of Animals (5)

Disorderly Conduct (1)

Dispute (3)

Disturbance (5)

Dog Problem (13)

Harassment (4)

Horses Out (1)

Hospice Death (1)

Identity Theft ()

Incident (10)

Information (1)

Inquest (2)

Mental (1)

No Insurance (1)

Noise Disturbance (3)

Other (2)

Pedestrian in the Roadway (1)

Phone Harassment (4)

Possession of Controlled Substance (1)

Possession of Stolen Property (1)

Prowler (2)

Request to Speak to Officer (9)

Resisting Arrest (1)

Runaway (1)

Scam (2)

Sexual Assault of a Child (1)

Shots Fired (4)

Stolen Property (1)

Suspicious Activity (7)

Suspicious Person (4)

Suspicious Vehicle (6)

Terroristic Threat (2)

Theft (6)

Theft of Copper (1)

Traffic Stop (2)

Transport (2)

Unauthorized Use of Motor Vehicle (1)

Vehicle Blocking Roadway (1)

Violation of Protective Order (1)

Warrants (9)

Welfare Check (14)



Total Calls   197


Call Summary by Area

Alba                         21

Hawkins                    28

Mineola                     65

Quitman                    50

Winnsboro               19

Yantis                        14


Current Jail Population

Males               81

Females           20

Bookings            35

Releases            31