Wood County Sheriff’s Office

Sheriff’s Report

08/29/13 through 09/04/13


August 29

Deputy Josh O’Grady took a fraud report from a complainant on US Hwy 80 who advised that there were items on her credit report that she did not recognize and an alias listed that did not belong to her. The woman further stated that she recognized the alias as being the name of one of her neighbors. O’Grady obtained copies of the woman’s credit reports and forwarded the case to an investigator.


Sgt. Jacob Richardson took a report of criminal mischief from a complainant on PR 6113 who stated that one of his neighbors was repeatedly cutting a barbed wire fence that the complainant had put up between his property and other properties. The complainant stated that he had made repairs to the fence at a cost of about $200. The complainant stated that he wished the matter investigated and criminal charges filed if his neighbor’s actions were found to be criminal in nature. The case has been forwarded for additional investigation.


August 30

Sgt. Sam Threadgill and Deputy Austin Cryer were dispatched to a residence on CR 1987 where a complainant stated that he was awakened at approximately 3:30 a.m. by his neighbor informing him that he had witnessed someone stealing a depth finder out of the complainant’s boat. The neighbor had witnessed the suspect running away. Both officers attempted to locate the suspect in the area but were unsuccessful. The complainant was missing two depth finders from his boat with a combined value of $4,800. The neighbor was discovered to be missing a depth finder as well, valued at $3,000. The complainant called later in the day and stated that he had found his two depth finders hidden in weeds near the water line. The case was forwarded to CID for continued investigation.


Deputy Brad Cates was dispatched to CR 3582 for shots fired. While en route to the call, Cates was notified that a man was in the front yard of a residence possibly firing a small caliber handgun. According to the complainant, the man had become angry over not being able to see his children and had gone outside, got into his car and began doing “donuts” in the county road and ditch. Once the man returned to the residence, the complainant heard loud bangs that were assumed to be shots fired. Upon arrival, Cates found the suspect sitting in a vehicle parked in front of a residence and made contact with him. The man advised that he no longer had theweapon and he had thrown it in the dirt to the side of the vehicle. The man also denied having fired the gun and stated that he had been throwing fire crackers instead. Cates was able to locate the gun and determined that it contained only live rounds and no spent rounds. Wrappers from M-60 fire crackers were also found in the area that seemed to substantiate the man’s claim. Due to the man’s actions, he was arrested for disorderly conduct. Michael Joe Combs, 22, of Winnsboro was transported to jail without further incident.


August 31

Deputies answered a total of 27 calls including three reports of burn ban violation, four reports of cows out, and three suspicious vehicles.


September 1

Deputy Aaron Warren was dispatched to PR 7816 for an assault. Warren arrived to find the complainant outside the residence and claiming that he had been slapped by his wife following a verbal altercation. The complainant further advised that he and his wife were getting a divorce and he did not want her to go to jail. The man also volunteered to leave the property if needed. Warren then spoke with the woman who admitted to arguing with the man but not to slapping him. The woman requested the man leave the property for a few hours until things calmed downand the man promptly complied with her request.


Deputy Dustin Moffett was dispatched to a location on FM 49 for a theft. The complainant stated that a black Moultrie game camera, valued at $240, had been stolen from his deer lease. Nothing else appeared to be missing from the lease. This case has been assigned to an investigator.


September 2

Deputy David Hitt was dispatched to Lake Fork Marina for a theft. The complainant advised that sometime during the overnight hours, someone had stolen fishing poles and reels from under the cover where her boat was parked. The missing equipment, valued at over $600, includes two Abu Garcia rod/reel combos, 3 Zebco rod/reel combos and four Shimano Citica rod/reel combos. This case was forwarded for additional investigation.


September 3

Deputy Dustin Moffett was dispatched to a structure fire on PR 5860 and arrived to find a fifth wheel camper trailer fully engulfed in flames. Moffett made contact with the owner of the trailer who stated that she and her son had been cleaning out the trailer due to the fact that she had sold it earlier in the day. The woman’s son stated that he had an extension cord plugged in to a drop light and vacuum cleaner but was unsure if that was the cause of the fire. Photographs were taken of the trailer and the fire marshal was notified.


Deputy Josh O’Grady was dispatched to Holly Trail East in Holly Lake Ranch for a report of unauthorized use of a motor vehicle. The complainant stated that her sister had taken her car without permission and she believed her to now be in the Athens area. The complainant had sent text messages to her sister requesting she return the car, but the woman had refused to comply. O’Grady recorded the car’s information and had it entered as stolen. This case is now in the hands of an investigator.


September 4

Lt. Robert Holland took a report from a walk-in complainant who wanted to report a public nuisance near her residence. After taking the report, Lt. Holland went to the location given by the complainant and was able to verify that a public nuisance did exist. The property, on CR 3226, consisted of an abandoned mobile home and three disabled vehicles. The vehicles contained garbage and it was apparent that they had not been driven for some time. The yard was filled with garbage, high grass and other debris capable of harboring rodents and pests. Lt. Holland recorded information regarding the last known occupants and will attempt to locate them.

Deputies Kevin Atkinson and Brad Cates, along with Sgt. Tim Baucom, responded to a residence on SH 154 in reference to an aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. After speaking with both parties, deputies were able to ascertain that the couple had argued over the prospect of getting married and the male became violent, striking the woman several times about the upper body. According to the woman, the man had obtained a knife, placed it to her throat and threatened to kill her and her family as well as any law enforcement personnel who showed up. The woman also claimed the man was armed with a pistol. The man denied knowledge of the pistol stating he did not know the gun’s whereabouts. Deputies later located the pistol in the bedroom closet. Michael Lee Williamson, 67, of Quitman, was arrested for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, as well as an out of county warrant for theft. Linda Collins, 68, Quitman, was arrested on an out of county warrant for motion to revoke (driving while intoxicated). Both were transported to jail without further incident.




Sgt. Jacob Richardson along with Captain Miles Tucker spent the week working closely with the Smith County Sheriff’s Office CID unit solving multiple burglaries in Wood, Smith and Van Zandt counties. During the investigation, they were able to connect up to 6 different suspects to the burglaries in Wood County. All suspects have been identified and warrants will be issued in the next few days.

Sgt. Richardson also obtained a warrant for a young man who was recently paroled and living with his grandparents. The young man broke into and stole property from a neighbor’s shop. The stolen property, which was sold to a man in another county, was recovered.


Sgt. Carolyn Tanner identified three juveniles and one adult responsible for two cases of criminal mischief. Sgt. Tanner expects to obtain 6-7 felony warrants in these two cases.

Sgt. Tanner also obtained a warrant in a criminal trespass case.


Sgt. Kyle Henson obtained a warrant in a criminal mischief case and cleared an additional 12 cases.


Sgt. Brian Andrews closed two cases with the issuance of warrants for the suspect in an injury to the elderly and interference with an emergency call case. Sgt. Andrews also closed an additional four cases.



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Call Summary

911 Abuse (1)

Abandoned Vehicle (1)

Accident Minor (1)

Agency Assist (6)

Alarm (11)

Animal General (4)

Assault (1)

Assault by Contact (2)

Attempted Suicide (1)

ATV on Roadway (1)

Burglary of a Habitation (1)

Burn Ban (11)

Child Abuse (1)

Child Custody (1)

Civil (1)

Cows Out (11)

Credit Card Abuse (2)

Criminal Mischief (7)

Criminal Trespass (6)

Cruelty of Animals (1)

Deadly Conduct (1)

Death Notification (1)

Dispute (3)

Disturbance (6)

Dog Bite (3)

Dog Problem (7)

Domestic Disturbance (3)

Drug Offenses (1)

Dumping (1)

Emergency Notification (1)

Forgery (1)

Found Property (1)

Fraud (1)

Harassment (1)

Horses Out (3)

Hospice Death ()

Identity Theft (1)

Incident (15)

Information (1)

Injury to a Child ()

Inquest (3)

Missing Person (1)

Motorist Assist (1)

Noise Disturbance (3)

Other (5)

Phone Harassment (1)

Prowler (4)

Public Nuisance (1)

Request to Speak to Officer (11)

Runaway (1)

Scam (1)

Sexual Assault of a Child (2)

Shots Fired (2)

Snake (2)

Structure Fire (2)

Suspicious Activity (2)

Suspicious Vehicle (8)

Terroristic Threat (3)

Theft (11)

Traffic Stop (8)

Transport (4)

Unauthorized Use of Motor Vehicle (2)

Vehicle Blocking Roadway (1)

Violation of Protective Order (1)

Warrants (6)

Welfare Check (12)


Total Calls220


Call Summary by Area


Alba30                                                              Hawkins33


Quitman   45

Winnsboro   31

Yantis  30


Current Jail Population