At this months meeting of the Texas Medical Board, disciplinary action was handed down to several Texas doctors, including two East Texas Doctors.

The Board and Dr. David Warren Buller of Gilmer entered into a Mediated Agreed Order requiring Dr. Buller to within one year complete 12 hours in pain management including identifying drug-seeking behavior, and eight hours in medical record keeping; and within 60 days pay an administrative penalty of $500. The Board found Dr. Buller failed to follow Board guidelines for the treatment of pain and failed to keep adequate medicate records.

The Board and Dr William Edward Brown, of Tyler  entered into an Agreed Order of Voluntary Revocation in which Dr. Brown agreed to the revocation of his Texas medical license in lieu of further disciplinary proceedings. Dr. Brown was under investigation by the Board related to allegations dealing with his possible impairment and failure to abide by abstinence from alcohol provisions.