Reaching Your Target Audience

As you get ready to market and network your business, keep in mind that bringing exposure to your business is your main goal.

TV and Radio commercial ads work great for bringing exposure and growing your business.  Small town local businesses that advertise on local radio have a greater opportunity for growing. Take for instance, High school football and other sporting events. It takes local business owners to sponsor and support these sporting events, kids, etc.  How many small town business owners have kids in your small town? Most all business owners either have, children going in to school, are in school, or have graduated from your local schools.

Outstanding Customer Service: The Key to a Happy Customer

customer serviceCustomer Service.  It is vital to the success of your business.  It is the ONE thing that your customers will always remember, whether it was really great, or really bad.  
Why do people remember your customer service above all else?  Because, in all reality, people are not just looking at your product or service, they are looking at you.  You are representative of your business and your customer or potential customer will base their opinion of your business off of their impression of YOU!

So, what is a blog?

Click HERE for the pdf version of Dave Hyatt's Power Point presentation on blogs.