customer serviceCustomer Service.  It is vital to the success of your business.  It is the ONE thing that your customers will always remember, whether it was really great, or really bad.  
Why do people remember your customer service above all else?  Because, in all reality, people are not just looking at your product or service, they are looking at you.  You are representative of your business and your customer or potential customer will base their opinion of your business off of their impression of YOU!

customer service2Maintaining a high level of customer service is also key to customer retention and long term growth.  Mark Faust, a growth and turnaround consultant, notes in Growth or Bust, that “increasing your customer service level from a 6 to an 8 on a 10 scale can improve your customer retention by 50%”.

So, how do we provide this top of the line customer service that will attract and keep our customers?  Well, here are a few of the top areas of concern that will make the best or worst impressions on our customers.  
1)  Prompt Response to Phone Calls:  Communication is key to great customer service.  Our customers’ time is valuable and we must treat it as such.  How we communicate, respond and listen to customers is crucial in not only gaining their business but maintaining it.
2) Thoroughness in Communications:  Do not oversell or under promise results for your customer.  Talk to them honestly and tell them exactly what you can provide for them, and what they can expect from your service.  Make sure that your customer feels that you have listened to them and that they have been given the opportunity to express their needs and concerns with you.  

3) Frequency of Communication:  Your customers want to hear from you.  They want to feel as though you have an interest in them and their business, ESPECIALLY when there is a problem.  We are all human, and your customers know and understand that mistakes happen.  What is important to them is how you handle that mistake.  They want to hear from you and know what can be done to fix the problem and prevent it from happening again.  Most customers will not think about your level of customer service when things are going well.  It’s when a problem arises that your customer will take a much closer look at their relationship with you and the service you are providing to them.  
customer service34) Service Promises:  Do not make a promise or guarantee to your customer unless you can 100% deliver!  Be upfront and honest.  Tell them what your service can help them with where their needs are concerned and then work to provide that.  Your customer will only expect you to do what you promise, so don’t promise more than you can confidently deliver.
The bottom line is that great customer service is vital to the success of your business.  Providing your customer with open, honest communication, and service to meet their needs, will keep them happy and your business reaping the numerous benefits that come from providing outstanding customer service!