As you get ready to market and network your business, keep in mind that bringing exposure to your business is your main goal.

TV and Radio commercial ads work great for bringing exposure and growing your business.  Small town local businesses that advertise on local radio have a greater opportunity for growing. Take for instance, High school football and other sporting events. It takes local business owners to sponsor and support these sporting events, kids, etc.  How many small town business owners have kids in your small town? Most all business owners either have, children going in to school, are in school, or have graduated from your local schools.

KMOO Radio Station has the ability to get your business name out there for every high school sporting event. Plus, being from a small town, people have a need for local weather and news as well. So why NOT advertise with your local radio station. It is our local towns, families, businesses that help grow each other, that stick together when times are tough. That we count on for all of our sponsorships for school fundraisers, etc… You build relationships with your neighbors, your insurance companies, your Dr’s and servers. Why not build a relationship with a member of our sales team, and let our professionals help you grow inside your target audience. 

There are other radio stations around, such as KYKX, KNUE, 96X and 102.7 the BLAZE, and of course you have your TV stations like KLTV, CBS, NBC, which are all local, but then look to see how INVOLVED they are with our local communities as well.  I suggest that if you have any questions on which radio station, which broadcast network to place your advertising dollars in, that  you find out just how LOCAL they are inside their communities. What and who and which ages are their target listeners.

What sets KMOO aside from the rest? When you advertise with KMOO you are investing your advertising dollars, instead of spending them. Give us a call, just talk with someone about growing your business. Be a part of your own local communities, help bring local news and other information inside the MANY homes that tune in to your favorite country music radio station 99.9FM KMOO.

Posted by: Kimberly Guice
KMOO Sales Team