The Texas High School Bass Association State Tournament was held May 19 and 20 on Lake Sam Rayburn. Twenty-four KMOO Country teams competed representing nine schools. One of three Lindale teams who competed won the whole tournament and in turn, each member won $10,000 scholarships. Results for KMOO Country schools are posted below.


1.) Lindale- Reece Martin and Mark Harris

2.) Rains- Thomas Martin and River Lee

9.) Canton- Andrew Rickman and Grant Parker

50.) Alba-Golden- Matthew Crowell and Daylan McManus

54.) Van- Harrison Lollar and Joseph Ammons

58.) Winnsboro- Brayden Burch and Carson Watson

63.) Quitman- Langdon Bautista-Mathias and Collin “Layton” Brown

64.) Lindale- James and Luke Sandifer

71.) Winnsboro- Wade Langley and Grant Newton

88.) Grand Saline- Fletcher Burchell and Katy Tipps

92.) Mineola- River Simonek and Tristan Rychlik

93.) Canton- Jacob Bell and Tyler Jackson

103.) Canton- Matthew Tallas and Caleb Phillips

106.) Lindale- Benny Steen and Levi Watson

112.) Grand Saline- Randy Denton and Dakota Crow

113.) Canton- Hayden Osborne and Dylan Cox

120.) Winnsboro- Carson Ragsdale and Brian Ramirez

156.) Grand Saline- Jacob Stallcup and Payton Stanley

171.) Grand Saline- Caden Veliz and Timothy Block

177.) Winnsboro- Noah Azlin and Noah Sanders

187.) Grand Saline- Dustin Lovette and Preston Thompson

203.) Grand Saline- Connor Easley and Cody Ballard

213.) Van- Lane Stone and Jed Kirby

221.) Grand Saline- Corey Gaston and Jesse Bosher