Mineola Police Department – Weekly News Report

August 23, 2018 –August 29, 2018




Thursday, August 23, 2018

8:28am A reckless driver was reported at West Broad Street and Loop 564 driving on the wrong side of the roadway, heading toward town. An officer responded the call, but did not locate the vehicle.

1:13pm A welfare concern was reported for a male walking down the road at Pegues and Kilpatrick Street talking to himself. An officer responded to the call, but the officer did not locate the person.

1:44pm A man reported that his elderly mother on Dubose Street called and said a female was in her home and scaring her. The son asked the department to check on his mother. An officer responded to the call but found that the female left the residence before his arrival.

7:06pm A reckless driver was received in reference to a truck and trailer that was about five miles outside the city limits on Hwy. 80 West, headed toward the city that could not maintain a single lane and almost hit mailboxes. Officers responded to the call but did not locate the vehicle.

8:49pm A suspicious person was reported on Laura Street. A resident reported a female sitting in a vehicle for 2 hours just down from his residence. An officer responded to the area and located the vehicle. The woman reported she was there because of a civil issue. She was asked to leave by the officers.

10:30pm Officers assisted Wood County S.O. on attempting to locate a runaway. The runaway was not located in the city limits.



Friday, August 24, 2018

12:56pm A landlord reported a refrigerator missing from a rent house on Krause Street. This is under investigation.

2:31pm A business on West Broad Street reported receiving a counterfeit one hundred dollar bill on August 17th from a customer. The bill was sent to the Secret Service for investigation.

4:32pm A business on East Broad Street reported a man that did not appear to act like himself and was trying to fight someone in the parking lot. Officers responded to find the man in the parking lot. Nolan Franklin Colegrove, 21 of Mineola was arrested for Public Intoxication and Resisting Arrest. Colegrove was engaged in a fight with a man in the parking lot when officers arrived. The man was attempting to keep him from getting on his motorcycle. He then attempted to fight the officers and resisted arrest.


Saturday, August 25, 2018

10:37am A citizen reported witnesses a man trying to open a window at a business on West Broad Street. An officer responded to the location and found it was an employee.

10:45am A man reported two males looking in vehicles at the Youth Foundation Park during ballgames. The man reported when the two were seen, they took off running into the wooded area. An officer responded to the call but did not find the two males.

8:39pm A grandmother reported her granddaughter was not where she was supposed to be after she dropped her off the night before. The cell phone pinged at a residence on Circle Drive, but the residents said she had not been there. An officer started investigating by talking to friends of the 15 year old. She was later found with another friend at the skating rank in Golden. The 15 year old was returned to the police department to be turned over to her grandmother.

10:33pm An officer assisted a woman on Goodson Circle when she reported smelling something in her apartment. When the officer arrived he found the neighbors had been cooking and the smell was coming inside her apartment.


Sunday, August 26, 2018

2:14am A woman reported she wanted her roommates boyfriend trespassed from the residence because he was causing a scene earlier. The boyfriend was not there upon the officer’s arrival.

9:11am A woman on West Blair Street reported an assault that occurred at Lake Hawkins the day before. An officer responded to her residence and spoke with her about the assault. The officer advised her to contact Wood County S.O. to file a family violence report. The officer gave the woman a family violence packet in case she did not call and file the report.

11:05am A resident on Molly Lane reported a man going door to door trying to sell vacuum cleaners. While the officers was there the vehicle came by the residence, so the officer attempted to stop the vehicle. The officer got the vehicle stopped at Robin and Meadowbrook Street and identified the driver and the passenger. While the officer was checking for the driver’s license, the driver took off, stating his passenger had a medical emergency. The officer knew the passenger and offered medical attention, but he refused. The officer once again got the driver to stop briefly on Meadowbrook, but before the officer could get out of the vehicle the man took off again, fleeing down Meadowbrook to 1254 and continued until he turned on FM 49. The officer terminated the pursuit, due to the driver’s rate of speed and recklessness. A felony warrant was issued for Jared Michael Williams, 30 of Whitehouse for Evading Arrest or Detention in a Vehicle. Williams had an outstanding warrant at the time he evaded the officer.

11:29am A woman reported her daughter’s boyfriend had been trespassed from her residence on Elliott Street and the woman had found proof the boyfriend had been at her residence. The officer explained to the woman that her daughter allowed the man to be in the home, therefore the trespass warning was void and the situation was a civil matter.

10:54pm Jacqueline Dee Courson, 45 of Mineola was arrested for Possession of a Controlled Substance warrant out of Wood County after a traffic stop on Dubose Street for a traffic violation.




Monday, August 27, 2018

1:07am Officers searched a residence on North Johnson Street after an anonymous tip stating a man was there that was wanted for Aggravated Robbery. Officers did not locate the subject.

1:35am A man on Wigley Street reported someone trespassing in his yard at night, due to the gate being open. An officer responded to the call and patrolled the area. A directive patrol has been issued for the residence.

1:54am Officers were flagged down by a couple in an 18 wheeler that was awakened by a man that had the truck pinned in with his vehicle. The man was beating on the door of the truck at the roadside park on 37 North, accusing the truck driver of having the man’s daughter in the truck. The truck driver was able to leave the park, then the man started following the truck, attempting to get them stopped. According to the truck driver, the man was intoxicated or something. The truck driver had his wife with him and did not know the man. Officers detained the man on North Pacific to investigate the problem. Stacy Wayne Mooney, 55 of Mineola was arrested for Possession of a Controlled Substance and Tampering with Physical Evidence. Officers found Methamphetamine in Mooney’s pocket and he also intentionally discarded a baggie of Methamphetamine in the patrol unit while being transported to the jail for book in.

6:09am An officer assisted EMS in the Brookshire’s parking lot when a man was in his vehicle having medical issues.

8:29am An officer checked on a resident that called 911 on West Kilpatrick Street. The man said it was an accident.

12:31pm An officer assisted EMS and the fire department first responders when a man fell at a residence at Spring Lake. The man was transported by EMS.

1:10pm An officer was flagged down by a man needing EMS at Ivey and Newsom Street. EMS was contacted.

4:06pm Mineola Youth Foundation filed a theft report. This is under investigation.

8:07pm A reckless driver was reported on Greenville Avenue. An officer responded to the report, but did not locate the vehicle described.

9:36pm An officer reported two people near a residence at Bowdoin and Kings Lane that appeared suspicious. The two said they were kin to the resident close by.


Tuesday, August 28, 2018

12:05pm A man reported debit card abuse when someone had money wired through Western Union from his account. This is under investigation.

2:14pm A citizen reported a man hanging out at the Civic Center near the Splash Pad. An officer responded to the call and found that the man was flying a kite in the area of the Splash Pad.

10:07pm A suspicious person was reported sitting at the Peterson Park on North Johnson Street. An officer checked with the subjects and found no problem.

10:49pm A suspicious person was reported sitting in a vehicle in the parking lot, in the dark, at the Seventh Day Adventist Church on the Old Tyler Hwy. An officer checked on the man and found that he was just trying to find a quiet place to park and think.

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

7:19am An 81 year old man on South Street was reported to be found unresponsive by his wife. Officers and EMS responded to find the man deceased. Justice of the Peace Pct. 2 Wes Criddle did not order an autopsy, due to natural causes.

8:58am A reckless driver was reported on East McDonald Street, headed toward Pacific Street. The vehicle was reported to be driving at a high rate of speed and rounded a curve on the wrong side of the road. An officer was dispatched to the area, but did not locate the vehicle.

9:18am Officers assisted SWEPCO with traffic on East Broad Street while the utility company was running a line across the highway.

11:56an A reckless driver was reported at Broad and Pacific Street, headed south. The caller witnessed the driver to be unable to maintain a single lane of traffic. An officer was dispatched to the area, but was unable to locate the vehicle.

1:02pm A welfare concern was reported at a business on East Broad Street when the caller witnessed a male sitting outside the store with no food or shelter and had a medical issue. Mineola Fire First Responders checked the man’s medical condition. He was given Ministerial Alliance for a motel room and a food voucher. The man was given information for medical care at Grace Community.

2:30pm A disturbance was reported on West Blair Street when the caller’s girlfriend pocket dialed him. He could hear a disturbance in the background between the girlfriend and her brother. Officers responded to the address and found the two were involved in a verbal altercation. The two settled down after the officers arrived. The two were separated for the day.

4:27pm A resident reported having problems with unwanted people coming to his residence. A directed patrol was issued for the residence.

5:01pm A reckless driver was reported coming into the city from 37 North. The driver was reported to be driving at a high rate of speed and going in and out of traffic at an unsafe manner.

5:32pm A welfare concern was reported when an elderly woman reported she was afraid of her husband and afraid to go home. An officer followed her to her residence to get some clothes so she could leave for the night.

6:16pm A reckless driver was reported traveling at a high rate of speed, coming into the city on South 69 at the river bridges. An officer was dispatched to the area and did not locate the vehicle.


7:59pm A disturbance was reported at a parking lot at Pacific and Broad Street between a man and woman. Officers responded to the call and located the two that were leaving in separate vehicles. During the investigation it was found to be over a grandchild that the man was attempting to take custody of. Both parties signed a waiver of non- prosecution. Both parties had minor scratches. A family violence report was filed.

8:31pm Jessica DeeLaine Moore, 37 of Yantis was arrested for Driving While License Suspended/Invalid after she was stopped at Lilly and North Pacific Street for a traffic violation. Joyce Lynn Vandruff, 55 of Yantis was a passenger in the vehicle and was arrested for Possession of Drug Paraphernalia.

10:52pm An officer assisted a woman on Wigley Street to get some clothes to leave for the night, after a family issue.