Thursday, June 20, 2019

12:47 am A resident reported a tree down in a business yard on North Pacific Street, after a storm. An officer checked on the business and found a large tree limb did break off and fall on the roof. The owner was contacted.

3:34 am A suspicious vehicle and person was reported in the parking lot of Wal-Mart.  An officer talked with the driver, whom was out of State and pulled over, due to the weather. 

3:44 am An open door on a vacant house was reported on Second Street.  An officer checked the house and found no criminal activity. 

7:34 am Officers assisted with a semi-truck blocking the intersection at West Broad and Loop 564 with mechanical problems.  The truck was moved to a safer location.

11:18 am A Wren Street woman reported her roommate threw some of her items into the yard. An officer responded and spoke with both parties to calm the situation.  

5:57 pm An woman reported she was exchanging her children on a custody exchange and her ex-husband would not leave the parking lot at a business on East Broad Street when finished with the exchange. An officer talked with both parties and advised them to talk with the civil court. 

9:52 pm A suspicious man was reported on Walnut Street after he knocked on a front door and stated he had the wrong house after the resident ask if she knew him. An officer went to the location and identified the same man as the other calls. The man walked back home.


Friday, June 21, 2019

12:59 am Officers were called to Cheek Street when a person reported an unknown man ringing the doorbell.  Officers located the known man and contacted family members to pick him up. 

8:45 am A woman called the Department about her boyfriend not letting her use amenities in the home. An officer went to West Kilpatrick Street and talked with both parties who agreed to be civil with one another. The man reported that the woman hit him, but he did not want to pursue charges. A family violence report was filed.

10:34 am David Matthew Joiner, 47 of Mineola was arrested for driving while license suspended (enhanced).  Joiner was stopped by an officer at the 200 block of East Kilpatrick, because the officer knew the subject did not have a current license. After stopping Joiner, he did not have liability insurance, which enhanced the charge.

12:22 pm A tip was reported about a FBI most wanted warrant possibly being a man that works at a facility in the city.  The officer identified the man in question and found it was not him. 

5:21 pm Officers were called to Wal-Mart for a disturbance inside the store involving 3 males. Officers talked with two of the men who would not give any identifying information for the suspect. The suspect left before an officer arrived. The victim had friends that allegedly knew of the man, but the victim stated he did not know the suspect. 

6:41 pm A restaurant on West Broad contacted the department when an elderly couple was at the location and seemed confused.  A family member was contacted to pick the husband and wife up. 


Saturday, June 22, 2019

5:03 am A vehicle was reported stolen in the Walmart Parking lot. Later in the day, DPS located the stolen vehicle in Smith County wrecked. On June 28, 2019, a warrant was issued for Anthony Conner Watts, 18, of Tyler and it will be served at the Van Zandt County jail where he is currently incarcerated for unauthorized use of a motor vehicle out of Van Zandt County. The mustang when stolen had the keys left in the vehicle.

9:53 am Tina Marie Thompson, 49 of Mineola was arrested for driving while license invalid.  Thompson was stopped by an officer at the 100 block of Commerce for a traffic violation.

1:11 pm A man reported that he was in a convenience store on North Pacific Street and someone got in an argument with, so the clerk refused to let him purchase anything. An officer responded and advised the man to take his business elsewhere. 

11:02 pm A resident on Walnut Street reported a male walking around in her yard talking on the phone and said it appeared the be the same man that her neighbor had reported in the past. An officer responded to the area and called a family member of the man as the officer was on his way to pick the man up. The man was not located upon the officer’s arrival. 


Sunday, June 23, 2019

1:53 am Suspicious activity was reported by a citizen at Line and Patten Street when 2 subjects were seen shining lights into vehicles. The officer patrolled the area, but was unable to locate the two.

8:04 am A resident on Dubose Street reported her vehicle stolen from her residence. The keys were reportedly left in the vehicle. At 7:14 pm, on the same day, a citizen reported finding the vehicle on her family member’s property on CR. 2180. The vehicle had the license plates and the VIN scratched. This is under investigation. 

8:51 am An officer, while on patrol observed a male in the area of West Buchanan that several calls had been received on. The officer transported the man to his residence on Humphreys Street.

11:41 am A woman brought a child to the police department because the child had placed handcuffs on her ankle and could not get them unlocked. The officer’s key would not fit the cuffs, so the fire department was contacted to cut the cuffs. 

3:55 pm A reckless driver was reportedly driving all over the roadway In the area of Graham Street. An officer responded, but did not locate the vehicle. 

5:25 pm Edwin Garcia, 20 of Mineola was arrested for a Van Zandt County warrant, Driving While Intoxicated. Garcia was arrested on Phillips Street without incident. 

5:59 pm A local nursing facility reported a resident’s family member that came to visit and appeared to have been intoxicated. The man was gone upon the officer’s arrival. 

9:37 pm Officers responded to a vehicle accident in the 200 Blk. East Broad Street. No injuries were noted. While on the scene, an officer smelled the odor of Marijuana coming from the person of a passenger. Klayton James Spencer, 19, of Wills Point, was arrested for Possession of a Controlled Substance (Cocaine) after the officer searched the vehicle. The driver of the vehicle drove the vehicle away from the wreck scene.


Monday, June 24, 2019 

9:55 am A woman reported $200.00 was taken from her account. After speaking with the local bank, a report was not needed.

9:58 am A man came into the Department to report a large amount of money lost, or stolen from his vehicle after leaving a local bank. An officer went to the bank and spoke with employees and determined the amount of money withdrawn was not as much as reported by the elderly man. Video showed the man got into his vehicle and left with the money that was withdrawn. 

10:14 am A cable line was reported down on Second Street.  The line was removed and the company was contacted. 

12:04 pm A dog bite was reported on North Johnson Street when a Fed-Ex employee was bitten on the hand by a dog while delivering at a residence.  The dog was quarantined. 

2:19 pm A reckless driver was reported coming into the city on Hwy 37 at Loop 564.  An officer located the vehicle, but did not observe any traffic violations. 

3:38 pm An officer helped a woman on Elliott Street recover her keys from underneath the porch. 

4:37 pm A Walnut Street resident spoke with an officer about an unwanted man who kept visiting the property after he was asked to stop. The resident did not wish to trespass the man, but requested a directive patrol be placed on the property. 

5:00 pm A bottle of medication was found on Graham Street and turned into the Police Department. The owner was contacted to pick it up.

5:27 pm A reckless driver was reported coming into the city limits from West Highway 80.   The caller reported the 18-wheeler was unable to maintain a single lane. An officer searched the area and did not locate the truck. 

6:47 pm A disturbance was reported on Read Street when a woman refused to leave the property.  The woman left prior to the officer’s arrival. Officers located the woman who was criminally trespassed from the property. 

7:18 pm Wal-Mart reported a class C theft. The subject received a citation for theft and was criminally trespassed from the store. 

7:52 pm A resident on North Newsom Street reported a known person that allegedly stole jewelry from her home. This is under investigation. 

8:30 pm Wood County Sherriff’s Office reported a reckless driver coming in from Alba toward the city, from highway 69 north. The officer was out on another call and was unable to respond.

10:43 pm A man was reported in the middle of the street on Wren and Boundary.  The responding officer located the man and escorted him back to his residence.

11:41 pm An officer served a woman a trespass warning on Landers Street from an earlier disturbance on Read Street.

Tuesday, June 25, 2019 

7:51 pm A woman reported that her vehicle was parked at a residence on Laura Street and she thought it was burglarized. The woman could not find anything that was stolen. 

8:06 pm Kenneth Leon Jackson, 34 of Mineola was arrested for criminal trespassing after Jackson entered a restaurant on West Broad Street he was already trespassed from. 

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

10:17 am A welfare concern was reported in reference to a vehicle with 3 kids in the bed of the truck. The caller reported they were no longer behind the vehicle, but it was last seen at Broad and Pacific Street. An officer patrolled the area, but was unable to locate the vehicle.

10:34 am A welfare concern was reported for a resident on North Newsom that had declining health. EMS and first responders were also contacted to respond. Entry was gained through a window and the resident was found to be fine and refused medical treatment.

11:14 am A woman was reportedly holding a sign asking for money or food in the Walmart parking lot. The subject was asked to leave the property.

1:27 pm A caller reported a vehicle has been parking in the Grace Community parking lot off and on for about a week. An officer made contact with the driver and determined she works for a home health agency and was on a conference call while in the parking lot. 

1:38 pm An officer assisted a stranded motorist by changing a tire on the vehicle at Greenville Avenue and Kings Lane.

2:51 pm A welfare concern was reported for a resident on North Pacific Street. An officer made contact with the resident and she was fine.

8:48 pm A resident on Robin Street reported a male that came to his door wearing an ID badge and he talked to him through the glass door. The resident could not understand everything he was saying, but enough that he heard the man say he was with an alarm company. An officer found two subjects on Pamela Street that did not have a permit to solicit.

10:19 pm A disturbance was reported involving two females fighting on Goodson Circle. Officers responded to the location and found three females that claimed the altercation was verbal only. The three went their separate ways.