April 15
Deputy Andrew Rapp was dispatched to CR 1681 in reference to a dog killing a goat.
The victim stated his neighbor’s dog is aggressive and have attacked animals and people in the neighborhood.
The ownerof the dogs is going to pay for the goat, and is attempting to get rid of the dogs.

April 16
No reportable incidences.
April 17
Deputy McKenzie Chandler conducted a traffic stop on Hwy 154. When Deputy Chandler made contact
with the driver, he smelled the odor of marijuana. When Deputy Chandler asked the driver about the
smell, he stated there was approximately 1 oz in his backpack. A probable cause search of the vehicle
was conducted. During the search, marijuana, THC gummies and drug paraphernalia were located.
James Anthony McCutcheon, 38, of Fort Gibson, OK was arrested for Manufacture Delivery of a
Controlled Substance PG 2 >=4g<400g.
April 18
Deputy Corbin Hanner met with a complainant in the lobby of the Wood County Sheriff’s Office. The
individual stated she was assaulted by her husband, when she tried to leave the residence. She did not
wish to press charges, but only wanted to get her belongings.
Deputy McKenzie Chandler was dispatched to CR 1302 for a missing person. An elderly gentleman had
left his residence, and could not be located. Information was put out through the Wood County Sheriff’s
Office social media outlets.
Deputy Corbin Hanner responded to the Lake Quitman Camping area for a disturbance involving
firearms. Upon arriving on scene, Deputy Hanner spoke with both parties. They both stated firearms
were brandished, but that the weapons were not pointed at anyone. Neither party wished to press
Deputy Brad Cox was sent to Hwy 154 for a reckless driver. Deputy Cox located the vehicle. The driver
was speaking fast and hard to understand. Deputy Cox observed the reported damage to both sides of
the vehicle. Due to her reckless driving being reported by multiple 911 callers, Heather Lyn Fatz, 36, of
Mineola was arrested for Reckless Driving.
Deputy Michael Allison was dispatched to Bent Bow Lane for an assault. When he arrived, Deputy
Allison spoke with the victim. She stated she and the suspect were in the living room when they got into
a verbal argument. At some point in the argument, the suspect grabbed the victim and threw her to the
ground, causing injury. Quentin Tyrell McKee, 29, of Hawkins was arrested for Assault Causes Bodily
Injury – Family.
April 19
Deputy Dustin Green conducted a traffic stop on FM 1643. When the vehicle pulled over, the driver was
making a lot of movement in the vehicle. Deputy Green had the driver step out of the vehicle for officer
safety. Consent to search was given. Marijuana and methamphetamines were located in the vehicle.
Wendel Lee Miller, 40, of Winnsboro was arrested for Possession of a Controlled Substance PG 1
Deputy Jonah Croney met with a complainant in the Wood County Sheriff’s Office lobby in regards to a
vehicle theft. The complainant states he left the vehicle at his residence. When he returned, the vehicle
was gone. He gave Deputy Croney information as to the location of the vehicle. A report was taken and
will be submitted to CID for further investigation.
April 20
Deputy Andrew Rap responded to the Quitman Hospital Emergency Room for a gunshot victim. The
man stated he was mowing his yard. When he turned off the mower, he heard four gunshots, that
sounded like they possibly came from a CO2 powered BB gun. He then saw 3 BB’s lying on the ground
and one was embedded in his side. He gave possible suspects that may have shot him. The case is being
forwarded to CID for further investigation.
Deputy Jaclyn Skinner was dispatched to Jarvis Christian College for a disturbance. Deputies arrived on
scene and spoke to all parties involved. The parties did not wish to press charges and agreed to
separate for the night.
April 21
Deputy Cole Hudson was on patrol on FM 779 when he observed a vehicle making a traffic violation.
When he stopped the vehicle, he made contact with the occupants. While speaking with all the
occupants, they each gave a different story as to their activities for the day. Deputy Hudson asked for
consent to search the vehicle, and was given permission. Sgt. David Brown, who arrived to the scene,
spoke with the driver, who had removed something from his pocket and thrown it in the grass. Acey Joe
Farris, 59, of Childress was arrested for Possession of a Controlled Substance PG 1 >=4g<200g and
Tamper/Fabricate Physical Evidence with Intent to Impair.
Deputy Brad Cox spoke with an individual on the phone. They were requesting a criminal trespass
warning be issued for someone that had been staying at the location, on CR 1885, with his niece.
Deputy Cox made contact with the individual and advised them they were being criminally trespassed
from the location.
Deputy Jaclyn Skinner was on patrol on CR 3340 when she conducted a traffic stop. Contact was made
with the driver, and he was advised he would be getting a warning for his traffic infraction. He was
asked to stand in front of Deputy Skinner’s patrol vehicle. He consented to a pat down for weapons. In
his front pants pocket, a medicine bottle was located. The medicine bottle contained a white powdery
substance. Napoleon Tolbert Jr, 63, of Hawkins was arrested for Possession of a Controlled Substance
PG 1 >=1g<4g.
Sgt. Brown attempted to serve a felony warrant on CR 2224. The homeowner stated the wanted person
was not there, and gave consent to search the residence. When Sgt. Brown entered the residence, he
noticed a strong smell of marijuana. The homeowner stated she also smelled marijuana and believed it
was coming from her juvenile daughter’s room, where her daughter and her daughter’s boyfriend were.
At that point, the homeowner denied consent and stated she would rather handle the issue on her own.
A search warrant was obtained for the location and marijuana, THC oil, THC wax, drug paraphernalia and
a loaded firearm were located in the daughter’s bedroom. Camden Neil Adams, 18, of Mineola was
arrested for Possession of Marijuana >=4oz<5lbs. Ashley Lynn Wesley, 36, of Mineola was arrested for
Manufacture / Delivery of a Controlled Substance PG 2 >=4g<400g and Abandon Endanger Child Criminal