Attention Friends, Family & Fans,


The Finalists have been announced for this year’s Texas Regional Radio Music Awards!  Out of over 110 Radio Stations in the network, and nearly 500 radio personalities, KMOO and Wil Riggs have made it to the final voting round before the awards show is held and the winners are announced on Saturday July 11, 2015! Our nominations are:

Wil Riggs in the Morning – Small Market Radio Personality of the Year

99.9 KMOO – Small Market Radio Station of the Year

We need YOUR help to bring these two incredible awards home! Here’s how you can help!!

STEP 1: Go to

STEP 2: If you voted in the last round, simply log in with your login info.

STEP 3: If you did not vote in the last round, click NEW MEMBERSHIP IS REQUIRED

STEP 4: Scroll down and select FAN BASE MEMBERSHIP and choose SIGN UP

STEP 5: Fill in your info and SUBMIT

STEP 6: Once you have signed up, go back to

STEP 7: Login with your new information

STEP 8: Scroll down to “SMALL MARKET RADIO STATION” and select KMOO


STEP 10: Scroll to the bottom and submit

All of us at KMOO are extremely proud to be honored and recognized with the nominations, and we would love to come home with both of these awards as a tribute to all the people who listen, support, and interact with KMOO each and every day.

We thank all of you for your undying support and unwavering loyalty!

~Wil Riggs~